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30 Day Love-Meme, Day 30

Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever!

Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding (Rick Hearst and Sonia Satra), Guiding Light

So obviously it's been a while since I did day 29 (January 17 to be exact). There's a reason for that. I just could not figure out which couple to list. I discarded a bunch of ideas early on, but for one reason or another they just didn't fit. See, the problem is that when I'm into a couple, I'm REALLY into a couple. Like REALLY, REALLY! And when I'm into that couple it's not that less extreme than when I've been REALLY, REALLY into a couple before. So I called my best friend yesterday to ask her who she thought my all-time favorite ship was, and she threw a couple of suggestions at me, and then it hit me while talking to her how to narrow it down. In most of my couples, I'm rooting specifically for one half to get with the other (my current couple, I want Damon to get Elena, in the past, Logan to get Veronica, Danny to get Michelle, which then became Michelle get what she wants, etc.). So even though I love the pairing together, there's always someone in that pairing that I'm rooting for more. Except for one.

Even though Alan-Michael (and Rick Hearst -- loooove him!) was my favorite character of the pair, I always wanted them both to get each other (for different reasons). Alan-Michael was yearning for his ex-wife, Elena (coincidentally, Lucy's sister-in-law ... this *is* a soap opera), but he truly needed someone like Lucy at his side. Someone not so serious, who saw him as the best thing since sliced bread and fully believed in him because he'd never, ever had that (without the manipulation and conniving of his second wife). Whereas with Lucy, she just wanted him so badly. She basically fell for the guy right away, and with him she found a confidence that she hadn't really had before. They just were so very right for each other, and I wanted them together because they really were the perfect fit.

It didn't happen right away. They actually moved pretty much completely away from them, trying the two characters out in other pairings, but there were small scenes here and there that kept the dream alive, until they went the dreaded way of raping the female character. It was terrible. Lucy was a virgin, it was date-rape, but the story that came out of it was genuinely fantastically done with heartfelt emotion, this amazingly beautiful love story developing out of it that didn't have the victim/savior aspect to it because we already had a two-year foundation in their relationship where there was back and forth and where Lucy had emotionally saved him a time or two. The actress, Sonia Satra, grew beautifully; Rick Hearst was his usual awesome self, and crazy, insane twists and turns that were rooted in psychological causes came to light.

They were married (in a horribly cheesy Universal Studios product placement stunt -- it was terrible, and the story was more about his lurking brother come back home, but at least Lucy looked beautiful!), and went on their honeymoon. Where Alan-Michael was almost drowned. When they were rescued and he woke up, he was played by a different actor (Rick Hearst's contract had expired and he wanted out) and Lucy and Alan-Michael quietly faded to the background on the show, and a year later, when her contract expired, Sonia Satra left too. Alan-Michael was brought back to the canvas played by yet another actor about eight years later having divorced Lucy. But in my mind -- because I stopped watching the show when Hearst left except for occasionally -- they lived happily ever after. And had both actors stuck around, I think that despite the typical bumps along the way (being on a soap and all), that's exactly what would have happened. Because nothing but contracts and off-camera influences could have truly torn apart what those two had. :)

Both actors were fantastic, looked fantastic together and had some of THE finest chemistry I've ever seen between two people. (I'd easily place them in my top five ... at #4 to be precise.) They were fun, flirty, with some really light-hearted awesome stuff, they also had great depth, and a wonderfully rich element to their story. Some of the most beautifully tense scenes I've ever watched were with them, as well as some of the hottest, and most emotionally moving. They just lit up the screen together, and I really, really, REALLY wish I had their entire story to watch over again. Ah well, I have my memories.

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