Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Men's US Nationals

Well, the good news is that I found a new skater I really like!!

Man, these US National figure skating championships did not go my way. Grr. No Mirai at Worlds, falling apart in the long, and then no Jeremy at Worlds, not even making the podium. *sigh* And his short was SO amazing. I literally starting cheering and clapping when he was done. It was AWESOME! And then he just fell apart in the long. You know, I think if he had skated last (after Bradley and Mroz's mistakes), he would have had that clean skate, but coming after all those youngins' doing so well. Ah well.

I'm happy for Ryan Bradley because his reaction was so heartfelt and real, but he really doesn't do much for me as a skater. On the other hand, I fell in love with Richard Dornbush. In fact, I was hoping that Bradley would screw up a bit more so that Dornbush would win. Ah well, he was close and at least he'll be at Worlds. But it's unlikely he'll place.

Oh, Jeremy. I'm saddened, but I did love his attitude, he kept it together really well. Sigh. Well, there's next year. And the Johnny Weir fan in me can at least take pleasure in the fact that he's the only in recent years to win three in a row.
Tags: figure skating, jeremy abbott

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