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Well, there goes that theory

Nina Dobrev gave an interview (I'm at work, so I don't have the link) that rather shot down a theory.

Darn't! She was flat-out asked if Elena would be jealous of Andie Starr!Action News! as Damon's new girlfriend, and she flat-out rejected the notion saying that it's good, he's her buddy (lol!), and for Elena it's relief because he's moved on. Yay. (She said in a deadpan voice -- the she being me.)


But last night was amazing (well, at least the amazing final scene was amazing!, the rest was pretty durn good too), and the bathtub kiss as seen in the longer trailer for next week's episode did look really hot, so there's that. I look at it this way, if I'm not going to get Damon/Elena anytime soon (and clearly, I so am not!), but I am getting some naked Ian Somerhalder, please to be putting him with a chick where there are some sparks and it's at least fun to watch. In other words, the opposite of Rose. The little preview was promising on that front at least.

Hey, you take what you can get, right?

Ooh, and at least Nina also said that beyond the five minutes of fun times that Stefan/Elena have on their getaway, that it turns pretty soon and ends not so happily. So, uhm, yay?

Edited to add, In responding to tams71, I thought of this and went ooh! maybe! Perhaps it is still coming, but it hasn't played out yet, which would make sense with Nina's comment as they were only filming episode 15 when she gave that interview.

Elena may barely know about her in relation to Damon in episode 13, when Damon first meets AS!AN! Then in episode 14, she may be at the Gilbert lakehouse with Stefan and whatever trouble follows the entire episode. And 15, Damon is doing council/Elijah stuff, so again, Elena may not even be seeing them together. She'll know about them, but knowing and actually seeing them together together could bring about that undercurrent jealousy. And maybe that WILL pop up in episodes 16, 17, whatever. So, yeah, hope springs eternal! Because I do want to see this happen. We are already seeing that there is something between them. We *know* it's there, Elena is just completely denying it and seeing Damon with someone else is a very logical explanation as to why it would start to come to the fore.
Tags: damon/elena, elena gilbert, nina dobrev, the vampire diaries, tv

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