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Some positive 'Vampire Diaries' thoughts ...

At last, new episodes of The Vampire Diaries are coming! And I've found myself (mostly) with a more positive frame of mind. This is thanks in large part to those who responded to my (mostly) negative post and got me working out (most) of my issues. So, with that said, behind the cut are some positive thoughts leading up to Thursday's brand spankin' new episode!

- It must be said. Yes, "By the Light of the Moon" was overall disappointing, in my opinion. Zero follow-through on expectations set-up in the previous episode, lame Rose is lame potentially dying created a lame cliffhanger (and the only one at that), and the pacing was just off overall. (We won't even get into the lack of Damon/Elena, added to the Damon/Rose and Stefan/Elena stuffies.) Still, that was one episode out of thirty-three. There are only seven I consider not awesome and three of those were the first three of the series, and the other four all contained moments, B or C plots of awesome (with yes, BtLotM being the least awesome-containing of them all). But still, yeah, look at the show's track record. I think it's a safe bet to say that we got plenty more awesome on the way. It just sucked that the lamest episode since the third was smack-dab before a five-week hiatus. Ah well.

- Elijah is a bad-ass motherfucker! We know from Julie Plec herself that we can expect a "substantial run" (excuse me while I squee once more in joy!) with the character. We also know from Plec that they (along with the viewing audience) love him. Seriously does anyone not love him? Is it even possible? So yeah, continued Elijah BAMFuckery is definitely something to be positive about. And I just can't help but pre-emptively ship the idea of Jenna and Elijah simply because Jenna and Alaric are soooooo boring (sorry, Ernesto!), and the idea of it is just so very cool! Plus, Daniel Gillies (Elijah) is pretty freaking bad-ass himself, and appears to be fitting in with the crazy cast quite well. See?

@ErnestoRiley spanks me as I lay prostrate in front of Somerhalder. Fascinating; my nightmare is directly congruent to a million fantasies.


- Squee! A flashback episode is coming up. I LOVE the flashback episodes, even if this one isn't Damon-centric. I mean, I do eagerly await some more Damon-centered backstory. (Honestly, I really want to get some Civil War stuff. Not only am I a Civil War buff (go Abe!), but Alaric is a history teacher. I sooooo wanna see Alaric fanboy Damon's Civil War stories.) Still, I'm okay with it being yet *another* Stefan-centric one, because I do love me the Flashback episodes!

- The werewolf/vampire contention comes to a head in the next few episodes and it's supposed to be big and bloody and awesome. I. Can. Not. Wait!

- It's a small thing, but we do know that Damon's bedroom premieres in the next episode, and we also know that Elena will be in said bedroom. I'm sure it will be Rose-related, but I'm *really* hoping that we'll at least see Elena in there first with Damon before anyone else. It's Damon's inner sanctum, and as a viewer (and a shipper), I want to experience that inner sanctum of his first through Elena's eyes.

- Damon has a bedroom. And a bathroom. With a shower. And a big bathtub. And we've been flat-out told we'll be seeing Damon plenty o' naked plenty o' times in the coming episodes. This is not a bad thing. At all.

- Even if it comes with Damon's new girlfriend. I mean, come on, NAKED DAMON! And you know what? That's not the only positive I'm seeing out of the whole girlfriend thing based on all we've heard thus far. Damon is not only not with Elena right now, Damon has not only walked away from pursuing Elena in any way (out of love for her), but also -- and most importantly -- Elena does not want to be with Damon right now (crazy girl, LOL! so says the crazy Damon-stan). While the couple-girl in me would prefer to see Damon and Elena doing sexy times only with each other, bottom-line, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. So, I'm fine with Damon being involved with others ... as long as I enjoy the arc, the writing, the acting and the interplay, rhythm and chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and the actress cast -- in this case, it's Dawn Olivieri.

My main problem with Rose was that she was lame and wimpy. While I found that amusing, I just couldn't see an in-character Damon wanting her, even with the no-strings sex aspect. However, responding to comments in my negative post actually worked that one out in my brain. Looking back at what we've had so far, their relationship wasn't rushed, and it did make sense as well as being in character. Until Rose stepped in front of him to take the werewolf bite, Damon was pretty dismissive, and nonchalant about her. Sure he slept with her, but he wasn't in a rush to take her phone call in "The Sacrifice," and basically ignored her once he got there, nor was he surprised when she took off. And when they did talk prior to the werewolf bite, he wasn't very nice. It was only *after* the bite, that he completely softened to her. Now, I think the issue was casting. I'd like to think that Lauren Cohan is a lovely individual, but as an actress, she is severely lacking in charisma and so I just did not care about Rose, and thus, couldn't quite get why Damon cared/cares about her.

I hope that "Andie Starr, Action News!" (as played by Olivieri) will be great. A quick, smart, fun gal -- as Ian Somerhalder described -- who is a pretty good "right now" girlfriend for Damon, and an awesome character in her own right. The fact that he's compelling her to accept his vampy ways (ala Caroline early season one) doesn't concern me. Damon is trying to figure out what type of vampire he wants to be his. Katherine's version -- which he was for 145 years -- is not working anymore because A) as Rose said, as a vampire gets older, it becomes harder and then impossible to keep that humanity switched to the off position, and B) He has people he cares about now (Elena, Alaric, Liz, and to a lesser degree, Caroline and Jeremy). The remorseless killer version isn't going to work with them (not that Liz knows about that part of Damon, but you get my drift). So he's navigating what can and will work for him. Having someone he can spill his guts to (as he does to Andie -- according to Somerhalder) before compelling the memory away is a way to deal with his ever-emerging humanity.

Having a girlfriend also helps him keep his distance (one would think) from Elena. If he's otherwise occupied -- even if it's just lust/like/convenience -- will help him. I don't think it was just coincidence that Damon decided to get horizontal with someone the episode after he let Elena go. Damon's a lover, the guys needs some form of that connection in his life, whether it be emotional and physical (Katherine), or just one or the other (physical = Caroline/Rose, emotional = Elena). This is very in character for Damon; he's not ever going to be just a monk, yearning chastely from afar with no hope of connecting. And confessing/compelling away his declaration of love to Elena was his way of acknowledging that he has no chance with her (or so he believes ... it will happen, damnit!).

Lastly, it might bring out some sign of jealousy on Elena's end. Regardless of how she feels about Stefan (and I don't deny that she loves him), she does have feelings -- albeit submerged/ignored/denied/take your pick -- for Damon beyond just friendship. She knows that something was going on with Rose, but it was just a quick blip in the midst of her great sacrifice. But this will be different if Andie is going about Mystic Falls as Damon's girlfriend, and Elena will get a front-row viewing party to that relationship. And maybe I'm totally setting myself up for disappointment (certainly likely), but I can't help but hope just a teeny bit that a part of the reason (of course, under the guise of disgust/irritation/take your pick) that Elena and Stefan decide to go for their romantic getaway in episode fourteen because Damon gets himself a new something-something in episode thirteen and Elena doesn't want to deal with it. (Of course, Elena may not even know about Andie at that point, but like I said, it's just a teeny, likely delusional leading to disappointment, hope.)

- Speaking of that romantic getaway, while I'm sure that there will be some great Stefan/Elena stuff for their fans (because, you know, they've suffered such a drought this season, harhar), clearly trouble is going to follow them. And also, for the first time, they're going to discuss some harsh truths about a human/vampire relationship and based on spoilers, it looks like the result of that conversation will not be a happy one. This may tie in to Nina Dobrev commenting that Stefan and Elena have some upcoming kinks. So, I'm hopeful that this trip will wind up cementing a bit more about them not working long-term because we've got to get to Elena realizing that Stefan is not the be-all, end-all before she'll even look in Damon's direction and acknowledge what she's feeling.

Basically what I'm hoping is that this is going to be a more obvious step on the road to a Stefan/Elena implosion of sorts, because without that implosion, I can't see Damon and Elena happening anytime soon, and I simply can NOT believe that we're going to close the season without something significant happening on the Damon/Elena front. And, yes, that means that I do still believe that we're heading towards Damon and Elena eventually. They are just taking their time, getting Damon where he needs to be -- which is obviously definitely going to take time -- in order to get Damon and Elena where they need to be to really begin something. While I'm less inclined to trust Kevin Williamson's post-Damon/Elena rip-your-shipper-soul-out episodes damage control sound bites (this season will be about exploring Damon and Elena's relationship? Really, Kevin?), the specificity in which he mentioned knowing that viewers want to see Damon and Elena's journey, the steps getting there, the first kiss, etc. was significant, I think. After all, this is a journey that we are most definitely seeing with Damon and Elena, and it is simply one we did not see with Stefan and Elena. He got to know her pre-series, their "epic" talk was off-screen, and most of the early stuff was based on lies.

- I know that some don't care, but I do. I think that Jeremy and Bonnie are adorable, they have chemistry and a kiss is coming up. So yay!!!

- Lastly, more Damon/Alaric BFF-ness coming up. BOOYAH!

So, yes, I'm feeling much more positive and I look very forward to my weekly squee and OMG!ILOVETHISSHOWSOMUCH!-fest. And, hopefully, the next hiatus will begin with our last memory being one of their usual kick-ass awesome episodes. :)
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