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Some negative & positive 'Vampire Diaries' thoughts ...

These are both about upcoming episodes/spoilers, so if you're spoiler-free stay out!

Okay, so first the negative so I can end on a happy note. And I will say that despite the next batch of paragraphs of negativity, this is me mostly just getting my bad vibes/worst-fears out of my system, I do have a big enough flame of hope that I really am being entirely unrealistically negative. I just needed to get this out of my head! Now, onto it ... I may be the only TVD fan who is not looking forward to the next episode. I can't help it. I hope, very, very much so, that what we do know will play out in a way that awesomely works as stuff in the past has, however, the entire writing of the Rose/Damon relationship and how very, very disappointing "By the Light of the Moon" was for me really have me not expecting anything but more disappointment. What we do know and why I'm bummed ...

- More Stefan/Elena kissy-face/lovey-dovey time ... because clearly Julie and Kev think that the Stefan/Elena camp have just been tortured brutally because their couple was broken up for three or four episodes. Never mind that no one actually knew whether or not they got back together two or three episodes before they actually did. Never mind that every single episode this season -- even those, yes, they were definitively broken-up, episodes -- featured hugs, teary-eyed moments of love, comments/speeches/etc. about their greatest TWU WUV 4-EVA! relationship. But, no, the Stefan/Elena fans deserve more of their couple have happy times because they were "broken up." Oh, the pain they went through.

Never mind the non-stop crapping upon that the Damon/Elena fanbase took. Not one, single, solitary squee-moment in eleven episodes. Even the "Rose" confession was angsty and heartbreaking because he made her forget and they've completely put that on the backburner for now. Do I think that it won't come up? Of course not. Do I think that the second half will show us much more Damon/Elena stuff? Yes. Do I think there is an arc in play that will eventually lead to the demise of Stefan/Elena and the coupling of Damon/Elena? Yes. Does it matter right now when I've barely even been given crumbs this season as a Damon/Elena fan? Nope. And then to top it off, the last episode before a five-week episode not only gave me absolutely NOTHING as a Damon/Elena fan after promising so much potential the week before, but also gave me Damon concerned/sexy-flirty times with Rose, and Stefan/Elena in their joyful reunion. So yeah, not happy. And not looking forward to more Stefan/Elena in lovey-dovey mode.

- Based on previews, promos and spoilers, Damon is all protective and in emo-angsty mode over Rose. Let me repeat that ... OVER. ROSE. Someone he just met, had a fuck buddies relationship with and barely appeared to like/respect before she took the werewolf bite for him. Over. Fucking. Rose. Look, I like emo-angsty Damon as much as any Damon-stan, but that emo-angsting is for two people. TWO PEOPLE: Stefan. Elena. If he wants to expand ... fine. Over Alaric and/or Liz. Those are the only people I can deal with at this point. Damon is not mushy, angsty, emo-ing over every individual who crosses his path. And, I am sorry, show, but you DID NOT, in any way, give me justification for Damon acting this way over Rose. Nada, zilch, zip.

- Based on a side and stills, it appears as if Damon -- all fed-up with his emerging, unable to deny humanity ... OVER. FUCKING. ROSE. -- decides to combat said emerging, unable to deny humanity by getting drunk and compelling random chick to stand there and let him bite and drain the life out of her. Yeah. We've spent all season having Damon do his damndest to make up for "killing" Jeremy -- a move that in retrospect, I really wish they hadn't done, biting/attacking him would have been bad enough, but killing him was too much, shock value aside -- and then, whoops!, let's throw all that progress out the window. Because he's emo-ing. OVER. FUCKING. ROSE.

- And this one I'm REALLY in the minority with Damon/Elena fans. Ho-hum, Elena hugs him. After Rose dies, or he kills Rose to save Elena. Big whoop. It will be just another cross between a sympathy/pity hug. And then she'll just go back to hating him all over again when she finds out about random chick he compelled/possibly killed.

- The Rose/Elena conversation where she tells her that it's okay to love both brothers. First of all, I don't buy that Elena loves Damon. I don't. And I'm a huge Damon/Elena fan. Likes him, is hot for him, is intrigued, all beyond her willingness to? Absolutely, but not loves. But that has nothing to do with my lack of interest in this scene. Rose is gonna say her line, Elena is going to deny it, Rose will give her a knowing look/call her out on it, and Elena will be quiet and then look pensively away, possibly giving Damon a considering look later before the denial mask comes back into place. Yeah, yeah, it will be a small step, but I'm so tired of small steps. Or no steps. Or taken steps backwards. I need/want something big.

Look I hope I'm wrong about all of this. I hope that by setting myself up for incredibly low expectations and expecting the worst (based on all of my predictions above), that I won't be disappointed at all. But I just needed to get this out. I needed to deal with this fomenting upset that has been building since I felt so sucker-punched with disappointment from "By the Light of the Moon." I'm hoping that the episode will be awesome, and every episode after that will be awesome because barring one frickin' episode (you idiot, I remind myself!), this show has been nothing but awesome once it attained awesome status. Again, the thing is that I've been burned way, way, way too many times with other shows ... and that dang episode REALLY did a number on my expectations for this show.


Onto the positive. So, Sara Canning (Jenna) just did an interview, and she was fairly cagey, but it certainly got my hopes up.

    Speaking of the Originals, we know Elijah (Daniel Gillies), who's posing as an author researching small towns, has already met Jenna, who got roped into playing Historical Society hostess in the last episode. Will they be seeing more of each other? "Yes," Canning says. "When Elijah first comes to town, they have a pretty introductory kind of 'hello, what are you up to here, this is what I do' relationship. But we'll see that grow into something else. And that is all I'm saying." Could it turn, gulp, romantic? "She's been with like every other guy who comes back to town," she says, laughing. "My dad, every time he watches the show, he'll call me right after and say, 'Really? Another guy?' Which is pretty funny. He's like, 'What is going on with your character? She has been around the block.' Elijah is very charming. That would put her in a weird position, because we all know what his deal is, and I'm sure he's not gonna tell her. That'd be fun."
I'm really hoping this means that the show is well-aware of the hit they have with Elijah/Daniel Gillies on their hands if they are expanding his role into something that includes a relationship with a main character specifically beyond his strictly stuck in the vampire aspect of the show. Now, of course, they did the same with Anna -- her and Jeremy -- but she was introduced in that way, Elijah wasn't. So I'm hoping (really, really hoping!) that this expansion is a very good sign for us Elijah-lovers out there! The one sad aspect is that this probably means I'll never get Alaric/Elijah buddy-buddy, LOL! But frankly, I can't imagine Gillies and Canning having less chemistry than Matt Davis (Alaric) and Canning, so I'm very curious to see if those two spark. And since I love Jenna, anything to get her more story would be awesome. And I know the show can do it.

See? I do still love my show and I do have faith it will remain awesome-sauce, I just needed to get my venting worries out of the way.
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