Arabian (arabian) wrote,

30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 24

Day 24 - Your favorite onset picture?

Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev from "Bloodlines" (Season 01, Episode 11)

This picture only came out a few months ago (with a few others), and it was part of an earlier batch of already released pics taken by Paul M. Sommers during the filming of Damon and Elena's roadtrip in "Bloodlines." Why is it my favorite? Come on, LOL! I ship Damon and Elena, I ship Nina and Ian, and I just love the look of contentment on Ian's face as he stands there, arms around Nina, the sun shining on his face. :) (Okay, yes, I would prefer a better quality, less-saturated/bleached shot, but it's what is IN the photo that matters.)

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Tags: ian somerhalder, ian&nina, nina dobrev, the vampire diaries, tvd-meme

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