Arabian (arabian) wrote,

30 Day Love-Meme, Day 24

Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?

All the rest of them!

Yuppers, every stinkin' one of them aside from the Robert/Eden/Cruz triangle, yes, even the beloved Jax/Brenda/Sonny one -- for me, because I simply couldn't fathom why Brenda was with Sonny. Why I can't stand triangles/quadrangles ... well, I'll just repeat my opener from day 23. I HATE triangles with a passion. Loathe them so completely because you can never really make fans of either side happy, and a fanbase will always be miserable in the end. And not only have I always been miserable, I generally wind up on the losing end. Blech!!!

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