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30 Day Love-Meme, Day 23

Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?

Cruz/Eden/Robert (A Martinez, Marcy Walker, Roscoe Born), Santa Barbara

My pre-cut comment is because I HATE triangles with a passion. Loathe them so completely because you can never really make fans of either side happy, and a fanbase will always be miserable in the end. However, there was this ONE triangle that worked for me. See, Cruz and Eden were THE couple. Not just a big, popular soap couple, but literally one of THE most popular supercouples of all time, and literally in the top three supercouples of the 80's (Luke/Laura and Patch/Kayla were the other two). And part of why they were so popular is because they were so clearly IT for each other. This was not a couple where you could do an infidelity story, a misunderstanding of another relationship that led to infideltiy. This was a relationship based on love, trust, honesty, commitment, blah, blah, blah, hands down, no question. None.

So, when Roscoe Born's Robert Barr entered the picture and there was clearly some unknown history there, an incredibly exciting thing happened. Marcy Walker, who had fantastic chemistry with Martinez (not my bag, personally, but I got why they were so loved) wound up having drop-dead OMG! chemistry with Born as well. And the writers crafted this brilliant story of Robert going to prison for ten years to cover a murder Eden had committed -- but one she didn't remember because she got amnesia after the events of her summer with Robert, which she also had forgotten. (Yeah, yeah, amnesia, it IS a soap, after all.) So viewers were treated to flashbacks of these two falling in love -- without it tainting Cruz and Eden's love -- and as Eden remembered and spent more time with Robert, she began to remember those feelings too.

However, and this is why this triangle worked for me. As much as I ADORED Robert and Eden, I never for one single solitary second believed that they would have a happy ending (unless either Marcy Walker left the show at the same time Born did, or Martinez left, which, contract-wise, was not going to happen at that point). I always knew from moment one that it would end with Cruz and Eden, so I was never disappointed or bummed that I wasn't getting my couple ... because I knew it would never happen. Instead, I was just able to enjoy what we did get. As for the Cruz/Eden fans, while there was a little upset that Eden started to soften towards Robert, her love for Cruz, her feelings of great confusion, the mixture of relieving the summer feelings from ten years ago with today were so melded that they could be very safe in their knowledge that Eden would never cross the line (and she didn't, she never slept with Robert) and she and Cruz would come out of it stronger than ever.

And that's exactly what happened. That is why this is the one triangle that I believed worked, and it's widely considered to be the second (or first -- it goes back and forth between this one and Jax/Brenda/Sonny on General Hospital) triangle ever on daytime. Yeah, with all the triangles on daytime, that should tell you just how dang awesome it was!

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