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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 18

Day 18 - Your favorite TVD friendship?

Damon and Alaric (Ian Somerhalder and Matt Davis)

I genuinely went back and forth between these two and a mixture of the three girls (Elena, Caroline and Bonnie), and had even flat-out decided I was going with Elena/Caroline, but when I sat down to write this up, I couldn't not think of Damon and Alaric, so with Damon and Alaric I'm going. See while Elena and Caroline are good friends, it's quite obvious that Caroline annoys Elena still, and that she prefers Bonnie over Caroline. Likewise, when Bonnie's not mad at Elena, she clearly prefers her over Caroline, and besides, Bonnie was a *horrible* friend to Caroline after finding out she was a vampire, blaming her and making my poor Caroline feel even worse about herself. So that leaves us with Bonnie and Elena, right? Yeah, right, except for the fact that Bonnie was a pretty shitty friend to Elena at various points, and vice versa, so yeah, they just don't work well enough for me. Damon and Alaric on the other hand ...

Yes, technically, they're not supposedly friends and we haven't seen nearly enough of the two this season, but, I can't help but love them. Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Matt Davis aka Ernesto Riley have outstanding chemistry and rhythm. They work so well together. In fact, I'd go as far to say that aside from Nina Dobrev, Somerhalder's chemistry with Davis is easily the best on the show, even above his chemistry with Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Wesley's chemistry with Candice Accola (Caroline). They are just so good together. The back and forth, the snark, the genuine emotion, man, these two actors just really have fantastic timing and connection.

And you know they may supposedly not be friends, but I don't buy it. Look at these two scenes, the first that was, in my opinion, the turning point in their relationship. They are opening up to each other (Alaric more than Damon, but there was a bit from Damon too), sharing their guy feelings, and in that conversation, we do see how these two have quite the bit in common.

Now, again, in season two we haven't seen as much of them, and most of their scenes have just been about dealing with the problems plaguing Mystic Falls, but I absolutely adored this small scene from "By the Light of the Moon" (seriously, the Tyler/Caroline scenes, the sole Damon/Elena (+ Jeremy) scene and Elijah's BAMF-ness, along with this snippet was all I really enjoyed about the episode). I loved it so because Alaric clearly was concerned for Damon's life. He was telling him to let it go out of genuine concern for Damon, but unlike Stefan (and others who occasionally try and get Damon to think and act responsibly), he wasn't lecturing him or talking down to him. He was simply being ... a friend. And, lo and behold, without arguing, Damon listened to him and did what he suggested!

So, yeah, they are friends, and my absolute favorite Vampire Diaries friendship.

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