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30 Day Love-Meme, Day 17

Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out, but did?

Jeremy and Bonnie (Steven R. McQueen and Katerina Graham), The Vampire Diaries

Obviously we're not even remotely long-term in the slightest (heck, they haven't even kissed), but I'm shocked at how adorable I find Jeremy and Bonnie. Episode 20 of season one through episode five of season two, I was NOT Bonnie's biggest fan, despite loving her prior to "Blood Brothers." And while I've always liked Jeremy, and I liked the concept of Jeremy and Vicki, I didn't like the execution of the two as a pairing. Plus, unlike almost everyone else, I was merely 'she's okay' about Anna, and Anna/Jeremy didn't do much for me beyond a few, great storytelling-driven moments. So, I haven't been a fan of Jeremy's other pairings. Add on to that, Jeremy is Elena's kid brother (one year, but still). Bonnie has been Elena's best friend since they were young kids. So icky, right?

Surprisingly not so. I think the show did a fabulous job in setting these two up. They kept them mostly apart onscreen with very little interaction (practically none actually), and when the potential romance was introduced in "Masquerade," the dialogue from Bonnie made it clear that she hadn't really looked at Jeremy in a long time. In her mind, he was still Elena's kid brother, but because of his newly-found confidence, the craziness of the events and them working together on this plan, for the first time she was seeing him as he is now. And she saw that he was hot, LOL! That well-crafted realization, and well as the sweet chemistry, did make their interactions kinda rather cute and charming.

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