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SYTYCD (Spoilers/Results)

Of course, Natalie got paired with Ivan. Of course. Gah.

Natalie/Ivan Jive - They were good, I thought Natalie was better than the commentary she got. But there wasn't really a connection, I agree, although I thought they did a great job for dancing together the first time.

Travis' solo - great dancer, same boring performance, but I'm not a Travis fan, so that may be why I don't care or note anything special about his solos.

Benji/Donyelle -- they are gonna get through based on their popularity and personality, but based on that routine, they shouldn't. They weren't together, it was like in the two weeks they were apart, they lost this spark that I was used to seeing with them. I'd really prefer Donyelle go home tomorrow because I think Natalie and Heidi can really outdance her at this point.

Natalie's solo - Lovely, I mostly loved it. However, I didn't like a few small sections so it was my least favorite solo by her, still I really think she's an AMAZING dancer. What she can do with her body, the control ... my goodness!!!

Heidi/Travis - The best so far, and I pretty much agree with what Mia said regarding the routine completely. I used the words more "floating" and "airy," she used "breathier" and more "fluid" -- same thing. I didn't agree with the whole Travis rhapsody, but different strokes for different folks. (And as much as I like Heidi, the beauty pageant smile she had pasted on during the entire routine was a bit off-putting. Show emotion on your face, in your eyes, your smile, not just with your dancing.)

Ivan's Solo - Blah. Same old boring hip-hop. He's such a BOY!

Benji/Donyelle (Hip-Hop) - It was better, more B/D of old, but they were still slightly off and the connection wasn't quite there. And I'm sorry, I love Benji, but yeah, hip-hop ... he not be.

Heidi's Solo - Pretty, but same old, same old. Look I can swivel my hips and move my feet really fast and sexy pose. Not impressed.

Natalie/Ivan - Yes, I'm biased both ways. I adore Natalie and despise Ivan (dance-wise, I'm surely he's a lovely boy), so I don't know how unbiased this can be, but I thought this was incredibly lovely. Yes, I could see Ivan's weaknesses, and no, there was no great passion, but it wasn't supposed to be this great passion, it was a fresh, sweet young love depicted and I thought they sold it well. It made me smile watching it. I thought it was lovely.

About the judges -- uhm, so were they given a memo saying "We do NOT want Natalie or Ivan in the final four." Seriously. In all of these weeks, ALL OF THESE WEEKS, other than Nigel's sex-kitten comment (which Natalie took to heart), there has not been one word of criticism against Natalie's dancing. Not one. And all of a sudden tonight, both of her routines find fault with all of the judges? Hmmm... And Nigel who has been up Ivan's butt with love suddenly finds limitations and he's not as good? Hmmm.... No, there's nothing curious about this at all! Pfft!

Benji's solo -- Sigh. I thought it in the intro dance, but pushed aside and then he did it all through his sole. It seems that when Natalie shed her sex kitten overkill, Benji resuscitated it. His popularity may have made him decide that this was the way to go, but my goodness, if he touches his ass one more time indicating how sizzling he/it is, I'm going to scream! This was the first Benji performance I flat-out didn't like! Wow.

Heidi/Travis - I've said it before, I HATE this style of choreography so I can't judge it without that getting in the way. They did perform it well, Nigel was wrong though, because they were off sync a few times, but overall, they were good.

Oh, and about those judging comments above about Natalie/Ivan -- I thought it after the ballroom dance and this confirms my paranoia. The agenda seems to be to sink Natalie/Ivan and annoint Heidi/Travis. I think SYTYCD wants those two as the final two.

Donyelle's solo - Double sigh. There was no fluidity or grace, she just looked like she was throwing herself across the stage.

Favorite routine - Natalie/Ivan's contemporary
Favorite dancer - Natalie (Duh, this is me)
Least favorite dancer - (I HATE writing this) ... Donyelle, I was just not impressed with her at all tonight. I liked Ivan's first routine, was bored by his solo, but loved the final routine. I didn't really like any of Donyelle's.

Who I want to go home: Donyelle/Ivan
Who I think will go home: Natalie/Ivan

At least Ivan will most likely finally be gone!!!!


No shock -- everything played out as I expected and not surprisingly, Natalie was wonderful to the very end.
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