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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 17

Day 17 - An episode that pissed you off?

Memory Lane (Season 02, Episode 04)

I thought of putting "In the Light of the Moon" in this slot, but that episode didn't piss me off, it just mostly disappointed me. There's a big difference between the two. The only episode that pissed me off -- albeit for entirely Damon fan-girl reasons -- was "Memory Lane." It was a solid, very good episode (if built up entirely too much by writers and cast, especially one Mr. Ian Somerhalder), but the Damon aspect just chapped me good! Let me just quote from my post about the episode after it aired.

As a Damon fan, to put it simply ... I was pissed. This is the fourth episode (out of four episodes this season) in a row that has presented Damon as a loser-boy. And this one was the worst of the lot because ...

a) He only had the one really good one-liner ("Really? That's surprising. I'm a dick."), and that really sucks because a good chunk of Damon's dialogue generally belongs in the quotable quotes section.

b) We had Damon look like a fool in 1864 and present-day Mystic Falls. We had Damon metaphorically fall on his face in front of Mason. We had Damon being insulted and looked down upon behind his back (Katherine -- "Damon was typical Damon"). We had Damon being kept out of the dark (Stefan and Elena's "break"). We had Damon rejected and insulted again by Elena (still deserved though, dude did snap her brother's neck). When the least 'you suck, Damon!' moments came from a guy he just officially met (Mason) and Jenna, you know it's not a good episode for Damon.

c) The loserville Damon edit was paired with 'and angels descended down from on high and annointed Stefan as one of their own.' Look, I love Stefan; I loved him last season when many found him boring and either too Angel-esque or Edward-ish. But the saintly halo placed upon Stefan from every frickin' person on the planet while Damon is kicked over and over again shoved down our throats side by side was just too much. *sigh*

So yeah, "Memory Lane" big-time pissed off the Damon fan-girl in me.

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