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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 14

Back to work this week, and it was loooong. I was sick two days, and worked 13-15 hour days the others, so yeah, did not get to the memes at all. I'll be posting each day I've missed periodically throughout the weekend to catch up.

Day 14 - A scene that makes you sad/cry

Bonnie/Elena, Grams Death (Season 01, Episode 14, "Fool Me Once")

This scene was the first and only time (as of yet) that The Vampire Diaries has made me cry. Katerina Graham did her finest acting in this scene, and she was damn, damn good. As she frantically cried out for Elena, that's when I began to tear up. Grabbing for the spell book, desperately wanting to fix it, and finally completely breaking down in Elena's arms as she realizes she can't, gah, it was heartbreaking. For such a short-lived character, Jasmine Guy's Grams made an indelible impression and everything leading up to that moment was so well-laid out. When she died, it was a sucker-punch to the gut, and I cried.

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