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30 Day Love-Meme, Day 13

Day 13 - Your favorite television pairing?

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), The X-Files

Technically, they were a movie pairing too, but they originated on television and for nine seasons (albeit, in the background for the last two due to David's reduced presence), that's where they were. Oh, Mulder and Scully. They weren't my first big ship, but they were my first internet ship, the first ship I wrote fanfic for, the first ship I created a webpage for, the first ship that I went on long rambling squees and vents about. They were my first truly big, non-soap ship (and the reason behind the origination of the term 'shipper.' True fact.). And while I was looking for a picture to use, it was quite easy to see I'd made the right choice because so many different images (whether from photo shoots, David and Gillian candids, screencaps from various episodes, from the two movies, promo shots for the show and film) all made me smile in memory.

I may have had issues with how certain things played out throughout the years, but I never did not absolutely adore the Mulder and Scully relationship (okay, except for one really annoying episode, but we won't go there, LOL!). They are one of the few fictional pairings that showcased complete and utterly unconditional love. Well before viewers got even any possibly concrete evidence that there was something romantic/sexual between them -- that kind of stuff didn't really happen until season seven(!!) -- there was no doubt in most viewers' minds that the love that Mulder and Scully felt was all-encompassing and beyond physical. They were soulmates in the purest, deepest way possible, and watching their journey from that first meeting in the pilot to the final shot of the two on a rowboat in the middle of the water in "I Want to Believe," was a wonderful one. I &hearts these two so much. Mulder and Scully 4-EVA!

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