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01 January 2011 @ 10:34 am
30 Day Love-Meme, Day 11 | Day 12  
Day 11 - What is your dream pairing?

Jason Dohring and Dianna Agron

I think that Dohring and Agron could turn out to be pretty fantastic onscreen together. They're both charismatic, they look together and I think their acting styles would compliment one another. Ironically enough, Agron DID appear on Veronica Mars, but her storyline did not connect with Dohring's at all, so they had no scenes together. :(

Day 12 - Who had the best wedding?

Katie and Simon Frasier (Terri Conn and Paul Leydon), As the World Turns

The wedding is the first four minutes of the clip below and it as heartwarming and delightful as I remembered.

What was so great about this is that they managed to have romance and the beauty that's usually applied to soap weddings, but they also kept a touch of the humor and quirk of this couple. Having Katie's poem recited over a matching montage of clips with Enrique Iglesias' Hero playing in the background was perfect because (a) Katie writing and reciting an amateurish poem at her wedding was sooooooooooooo a Katie thing to do, (b) who doesn't love a couple montage? and (c) that song fit Simon and Katie to an absolute T! Simon's vows were lovely, and for the most part the wedding was focused on them and not meandering around and focusing on other stories during their big moment. Katie (Terri Conn) looked beautiful, Simon (Paul Leydon) was as gorgeous as ever. Except for the presence of a certain bridesmaid (not even going there), this was as close to a perfect fictional wedding as I've ever gotten! (Really. I have HORRIBLE luck with my couples and the very rare times that they actually make it to the altar, the wedding is lamed up in some way. So this was a breath of fresh, delightful air!)

(eolivet, I REALLY wanted to use BJ and Warren's wedding, but the annoyingly contrived long Warren pause, and the hideous cap they had on BJ, just kept me from listing it. But I really wanted to.)

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eolivet on January 1st, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
Aww, what a sweet wedding! You're kinder than I am to Warren and BJ's wedding -- I thought it was kind of a hot mess. Kind of contrived (San Francisco, what?), the vows were insanely scripted, slightly condescending ("the freedom for you to grow" -- huh?) and yeah, that awkward pause was so random. Although I did just kill 15 minutes rewatching the last 20ish minutes of the series finale (that song was so cheesy, but I loved that they showed everyone who worked on the show, in addition to the cast :)

I think you made the better choice. ;) Truthfully, I think I loved Warren and BJ the most when they were just getting together/almost together. Don't even get me started on the non-wedding night wedding night, either. Fine to pay homage to a great 30s movie, but not when you have two stars with insane chemistry. ;p

(Hee, Jason Dohring and Dianna Agron look like bizarro world Veronica/Logan! Awesome. :D )
Arabian: Epicarabian on January 1st, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
I didn't want to be too harsh on BJ/Warren's wedding unless you liked it, but yeah, I completely agree. Whereas the KnS wedding was just adorable and so very much them. :)

(Hee, Jason Dohring and Dianna Agron look like bizarro world Veronica/Logan! Awesome. :D )

I know, don't they? I didn't even think of that until I was putting the pics together.
she was a work in progress.: Billy Terri and Jakedreamer_98 on January 2nd, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
Good choices. I'm just now going back and re-watching some vintage SKatie clips now that ATWT is over. I've seen the greencard wedding and am just in the beginning of their marriage and relationship. I can't wait until I get to the point where they really fall in love.
Arabian: A/J -Squee!arabian on January 2nd, 2011 06:28 pm (UTC)
Oh, that is so awesome. You have some GREAT stuff to look forward to. (I do warn you that for some reason the headwriter was forced to stop writing for them shortly after they fell for each other and things don't stay as good, but there is great stuff to the end.) Also, unfortunately, Paul left and came back for four short visits and while the first and last were wonderful, the two in between pretty much destroyed Simon and KnS, but the last one was utterly magnificent and actually repaired all of the damage. So they at least went out on a wonderful, wonderful high. :)