Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hmm, Could This Backfire on KB?

Mild Season Three spoilers for Veronica Mars within along with speculation built upon naty's Piz thread and ww1614's comments therein.

It is possible that Kristen Bell is the ONLY one who is pushing the love interest thing now. She must now know that it was kiboshed (because all other sources -- minus Wrongda, but hello, Wrongda -- confirm this point) and doesn't like it. So therefore, she figures if she talks it up, viwewers will continue to talk it up as if Piz as a love interest is a given (which is exactly what is happening, despite reports that Piz as a love interest is no longer) and that will clear the way to them actually doing it.

Because in this recent interview on E Online (click on The Vine):

I have a new love interest. He's Wallace's new roommate. They haven't gone there with the love interest yet, but I think they're thinking about it. They're going to see how it pans out.
She gave herself an out, in case they don't change their minds and Piz-as-love-interest remains a no-go. Still, she gushed on and on about Piz as this wonderful guy who everyone would just LOVE! The thing (and this could be in our favor) is that she doesn't know this fandom at all.

From all we've read, she doesn't go on the internet for anything VM-related and, no doubt, has NO CLUE how much she pisses off many fans with these comments. So for once, her lack of fandom knowledge may actually work out for those who do NOT want Piz as a love interest. If this is HER agenda and her agenda only at this point, she is going about it in ENTIRELY the wrong way -- she's setting many people against the character two months before we even see him ... which basically spits her agenda in the eye. She doesn't get it (and clearly neither does RT) that most people don't want to be told what they will or will not like. Especially an intelligent set of viewers and by nature of the show, the majority of VM viewers are intelligent. We are, on the whole, quite capable of thinking for ourselves and making our own minds up.
Tags: kb=not a clue, rant, veronica mars

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