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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 09

Continuing on with the 30-Day Vampire Diaries meme ...

Day 09 - Favorite Elena Scene

"Brand New World" (Season 02, Episode 02) -- "She's my friend."

This scene, where she throws herself in front of a newly-vamped Caroline right when Damon is about to stake her, is the one that I kept coming back to even though there were a few others I was thinking about. For me, it fully epitomizes everything that is awesome about Elena. Her loyalty to her friends (in this case, Caroline), her belief in the goodness of those she's seen enough of that in to continue to believe in (in this case -- oh heck, in every case, Damon), her fearlessness which, at times, masquerades/doubles as stupidity, but not so in this case because of her knowledge of Damon. Her bravery because as sure as she was of the fact that Damon would never intentionally hurt her, she was relying on his vampire reflexes and there was the chance, no matter how slight considering those reflexes, that he would have been a second too late. And her selflessness because if he had been one second too late, Elena would have given up her life so that Caroline could have her undead life.

I just love it so; everything that it shows about Elena is everything that I love about her.

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