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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 08

Continuing on with the 30-Day Vampire Diaries meme ...

Day 08 - Favorite Stefan Scene

"Miss Mystic Falls" (Season 01, Episode 19) -- "I don't hurt people."

I had originally included all of the Stefan/Amber scenes, including the "I'm fricking hungry!" bit as well as the dark when he tells her to run, and then changes his mind because I love every single moment of this whole batch of scenes. However, the meme does say "scene," singular, not "scenes," plural, so I went with this one.

You had Stefan's frustration, how he defines himself in many ways by his relation (or rather contrast) to his brother ("I don't hurt people. I'm the good brother.") which goes back to his pre-vampire days, you just know. And then there is the precise, almost sensual way he talks about wanting to kill Amber and feed on her, how he touches her neck, explains how to do it properly. It gives insight into vampires in general and how hard it is to constantly struggle with that desire to kill. Caroline mentioned that to Elena at one point (about how she always wants to kill.) It's not just about needing the blood, it's that when one becomes a vampire, one becomes a killer ... and wants to kill. The fact that Damon who has -- based on what we know -- not fought that instinct most of his vampire life and yet has begun to do so now, drinking from blood bags and not killing humans does say a lot about how he is trying to be the better "person."

And that's something that I love about this scene (similar to the Damon scene I chose in that it gave some insight into Stefan as well as Damon), and this show in general, it's so very layered. We see not only what is going on with the character on screen, but more often than not, there are parallels, recalls, moments/lines that will have impact down the road for other characters. So awesome. Ahem, but let's get back to Stefan specifically -- since this is his meme question, LOL! There was much joking and laughing at the Paley Fest panel when Paul Wesley revealed that he had read for Damon initially, but watching this scene -- especially the one part I described above -- it's clear that had Ian Somerhalder not come along, Wesley would have made quite, quite the passable Damon. He was chilling, yet sexy, at the same time.

What can I say? To very loosely paraphrase Stefan: I fricking love this scene!

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