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30 Day Vampire Diaries-Meme, Day 06 | Day 07

Continuing on with the 30-Day Vampire Diaries meme ...

Day 06 - Your Least Favorite Episode

PILOT (Season 01, Episode 01)

This show is so good now and has been since episode four of season one (in my opinion), and it got steadily better with each subsequent episode from the first to episode fourteen. That is when I think the show hit its completely awesome phase and with a few dips here and there, hasn't really come down. With that logic, obviously, the first episode is the weakest. In fact, I actually watched the Pilot when it first aired, but turned it off before it was even finished because it was exactly what I thought it would be (and, no doubt, many who don't watch the show, think): A television version of the Twilight movies. Upon rewatch, the Pilot is better than I gave it credit for. But it's still not great television, by any stretch of the imagination. So, yeah, the Pilot is my least favorite. (The very limited Damon, and very flat Stefan hair, certainly didn't help, LOL!)

Day 07 - Favorite Damon Scene

"Blood Brothers" (Season 01, Episode 20) -- "I own them. They belong to me."

Of all of the kick-ass Damon scenes in the season and a half run of this series, this scene is easily my favorite. When Stefan starts on his martyr act, upset about all of the people that have been hurt by Damon and it's all Stefan's fault because he's the one who made Damon turn, Damon's response is pure gold.
"Everything on this planet is not your fault. My actions, what I do, it's not your fault. I own them. They belong to me. You're not allowed to feel my guilt.
How incredibly awesome is this? It's so rare that Damon is truly open and serious with Stefan about his feelings about everything other than Elena. He just doesn't feel comfortable opening up to Stefan any more (not that I blame him, Stefan always manages to use it against him, intentionally or not), and yet, here he did.

And what he says just blows me away. It reveals so much about Damon as a character, who he is, what he is, and how aware he is of those very things. And including in that was the realization that Damon does feel guilt, but he's chosen not to because he's just not ready to deal with that guilt and the ramifications. It's fantastic writing, and the delivery by Ian Somerhalder -- the bite, the bitterness, the hint of vulnerability -- is just brilliant.

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