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30 Day Love Meme, Day 06 | Day 07

Day 06 - The best kiss?

So I cheated! I had to go with a three-way tie.

TIE: Kate and Sawyer (Evangeline Lily and Josh Holloway), Lost) | Damon and Katherine (Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev), The Vampire Diaries | Perception-Peter and Olivia (Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv), Fringe

I loved something completely different about all three kisses, but all three made me react in a completely, squealing, girly-girl away (hands waving in the air, literal squealing, sighing, multiple rewinds, etc.). And they were all absolutely perfect for the kisses they were.

Kate and Sawyer's first kiss in season one was so hot, so tense and really sent that ship into the stratosphere. I don't think anyone expected it would be that WHOAH! But it so was.

Now the Damon/Katherine kiss was also incredibly hot, but it had a deeper meaning to it in that non-spoiled people watching it for the first time thought (as Damon did) that it was *Elena* kissing Damon, not Katherine, and that added an emotional, OMG! level to the kiss, built on the tension that had been escalating all season between the two. And like the Kate/Sawyer kiss it was INCREDIBLY hot.

Alas, also like the Kate/Saywer kiss ... it wasn't real. Kate kissed Sawyer because he blackmailed her for that kiss, and, of course, with Damon and Katherine, he didn't know it was Katherine. Which brings us to the the third kiss: Peter and Olivia. Well, Perception-Peter and Olivia, because, alas, yeah, that kiss wasn't real either. But it was soft and sweet, and said so much about their relationship, and about what that relationship meant to Olivia. It was beautiful.

Hmm, what does it say for me, that the three kisses that popped into mind were not full-on heartfelt, fully reciprocated-feelings-wise and/or actual kisses? I know! That I need to find a frickin' couple I adore who actually gives me that moment when they're both there, in the moment and both totally feeling it!

Day 07 - Most heartbreaking scene?

The Doctor and Rose (Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper), Doctor Who

I actually could have made this a tie between the scene I did pick and the series two ender with Rose and the Doctor (but Ten, not Nine). However, as much as I cried and as effected as I was by the "Doomsday" separation, it really was the Doctor first regenerating, Rose having no clue, the Doctor trying so hard to put a good face on it, that got to me. I didn't just cry, I sobbed. I was utterly heartbroken; so devastated that I actually didn't watch the second series for TWO WHOLE YEARS. I. Could. Not. Deal. Of course, eventually I did, but still ... gah, that final scene in "The Parting of the Ways" gets me every time.

Even though it ends on Ten's smile, I was such a mess. WAAAAAH!

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