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'Doctor Who' Christmas Special has been watched!

Thoughts on the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

So I watched Doctor Who Christmas episode, and sadly, was quite disappointed. My 8-year old nephew loved "The Next Doctor," and was excited to watch this with me -- only his second DW episode -- and he was bored silly. My sister, who has never watched DW before, got up half-way through it because she was bored.

As was I. I just kept watching because I adore Matt Smith, but it was such a lame episode. Such good actors, and yet, Moffat continues to prove his suckiness. Why only Christmas Eves? Yeah, yeah, she only had a certain number of days left, but we didn't know that until the second-to-last Christmas Eve we saw them together. The kid was nearly a grown-up, and yet he was fine with only bringing her out on that one day of the year? And his dad was completely unaware of this? And her voice was the only one that would work? And where did the falling ship come from? How did they control the sky? Gah. Typical Moffat, all of these unanswered questions that he just blithely ignores and skips merrily along with his full-of-gaping-holes plots.

It was just all so overwrought, and overplotted and stupid. And the Doctor kept telling everyone to shut up! The Doctor doesn't do that. That's on occasion, but not a thing he does several times in one episode! Oh, and all of a sudden, the Doctor doesn't have any clue on how to comfort a crying woman?!? What about Rose, or Martha, or Donna, or Amy, or the countless number of women he's comforted throughout the series? *Sigh* I couldn't even take pleasure in the belief that the Doctor was thinking of Rose when he was asked how he would spend one last day with his beloved because Moffat wrote this, so I don't think that was the intention, and because we'd had the whole episode informing us that the Doctor knows absolutely nothing about women, romance and love, I highly doubt we were supposed to think he was thinking of anything other than confusion. :rolls eyes:

There were some funny lines, some good moments, even some heartfelt moments. Matt Smith was wonderful, I will forever love the bowtie stuff. The little of Amy and Rory was good, but I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the Doctor, Amy and Rory more TOGETHER! Yeah, I was just disappointed overall. Oh, Moffat.

I will continue watching the show because Matt Smith is uber-adorable, I love Rory, Amy's cool, and the non-Moffat-written episodes are generally very good. But this one? Ugh! So typically Moffat. Double ugh! I know, I know, I'm such a Moffat-hater, but I swear, I do sit down to watch every episode he writes with the hopes that the first watch will strike me like his earlier ones that I did LOVE upon first watch. It hasn't happened yet since he took over. :(
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