Arabian (arabian) wrote,

30 Day Love Meme, Day 03

Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?

Wesley and Liz (Michael Sheen and Tina Fey), 30 Rock

There are many couples I want together NOW (Damon/Elena, Sheldon/Penny, Will/Alicia, Jeff/Annie, Ej/Sami, etc., etc., etc.), however, many of those couples can not believably be together right now because of where they are in regards to each other (and things going on in their lives). So, I went through all the couples I like who are not together, and came up with only one that not only NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW but CAN HAPPEN NOW! And that couple is ... (drum roll) Elizabeth Lemon and (the English) Wesley Snipes.

They are perfectly imperfect for each other. Screw Caroll, the pilot, I want Liz and Wesley together. NOW! Alas, I know this will not happen, but Tina Fey has promised that Sheen WILL be there, at the least, when the show ends ... and damnit, it better be so that the settling soulmates can settle!
Tags: 30 rock, love-meme, meme, wesley/liz

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