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21 December 2010 @ 10:31 am
Song of the Day - A.R. Rahman & M.I.A. - O...Saya  
Daily song of the day! Enjoy!! :)

There was a bulls-eye mention in Entertainment Weeky about the song accompanying the opening scene of Slumdog Millionaire being infectious and perfectly fitting the mood of the movie and setting you up for what you were about to watch. I remembered that and wondered how one song could acheive all of that so quickly and easily at the start of a film. When I sat in the theater to watch it, that opening scene of the boys running through the streets of India while this song played absolutely conveyed exactly what the article said. And to this day, I can't hear this song without my toes tapping, my heart pumping and my spirits raised simply because I associate it with what Slumdog Millionaire was all about. I loves it!