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Some hope for Damon/Elena (thank goodness!)

I'll try and get to responses to the episode post this weekend (I gotta say though, I find it odd that a negative post gets so many more responses than my usual OMG!HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY posts about TVD, hmm...), but I wanted to comment on something related to the episode. Kevin Williamson gave an interview with The New York Post (vague-ish spoilers for the second half of the season with one significant casting spoiler, but more discussion about the first half), and there was an interesting bit about Damon and Elena.

I've been trying to figure out why I was so bummed about the (lack of) Damon/Elena, Damon/Rose and Stefan/Elena stuff in the last episode when normally (with this show), I can just brush off the shippy aspects that don't float my boat. Well, I realized last night it's simply that because even when that fails me, the show itself is so amazing that I can revel in and enjoy all of the rest. "By the Light of the Moon" just didn't do that for me. Perhaps if it wasn't the last episode before a long hiatus, it wouldn't have been as bad, I don't know. I just know that very little about last night's episode wowed me, and so all I keep thinking of is the thing that I love most about the show (Damon/Elena) and how they were pretty much kinda shat all over in the episode.

Cuz they totally were. Stefan locked away, and we got one dinky scene that was shared with Jeremy mostly, and pretty much had no depth at all. Elena and Stefan back together for real (nice to know for sure that they actually were broken up, :rolls eyes:), and then Damon being all into and concerned for Rose ... amplified by the promo which showed a way-too caring Damon. I mean, I was fine with Damon and Rose when she was just his fuck-buddy, but the intensity of feelings we saw on display towards the end, tied in with the promo was just too much. And paired with the last Stefan/Elena scene, the almost complete lack of Damon/Elena (especially after the show itself geared viewers up for an expectation of some good stuff in this episode and possibly more), it was like a stake to my shipper heart. (Excuse the pun.) And this time, I didn't have the overall awesomeness of the episode to counteract that.

So, yeah, bummer.

However, a particular quote from Williamson's interview makes me feel a lot better on that front, so, I'm relieved. I don't like being bummed over The Vampire Diaries. It's my OMG!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! show. I don't want to lose that. Anyhoo, the quote:
"Rose and Damon aren't meant to be together. She is a mirror into his humanity. She came in, helped him out, gave him some information and is now saying, we’ll never love each other because you’re in love with Elena. It’s all about Elena – the whole point of Rose is to throw up a mirror and let Damon see what he is. She’s so open about Damon loving Elena. Rose is just one more step in Damon’s journey."
As much as I'm so over Stefan and Elena at this point, I'm still seeing a lack of narrative thrust or careful crafting in the writing of their pairing. The fact that viewers weren't sure if they were together or not prior to this episode (and it wasn't just me, I read countless comments unsure of their state, some even flat-out thinking that they were back together), shows that the care is just not there. And when they do write about them? It's rather lather, rinse, repeat. One of my few issues with the first half of season one (once past episode three), was the back-and-forth merry-go-round with Stefan and Elena. And, oh, lookee, we're doing it again. It's not fun. With these two, it's just the same ole, same ole with them every time.

On the other hand, there is so much material with Damon and Elena. Viewers know where they stand with them, where the two stand with each other completely. And the quote from Kevin to me shows just how much time and effort they foresee putting into the Damon/Elena story. Because that's essentially what he said it is. He spoke about how Rose is a part of Damon's journey, and tied in with that was how it's all about Rose being so open about Damon's love for Elena. Therefore, I don't think it's unrealistic to make the leap that Damon's journey is thus intrinsically tied in with Elena. That's definitely a good thing. And something I definitely needed to hear when left with an episode that disappointed me so greatly. I know the show can return to its greatness -- one meh episode in a sea of awesome is not that big of a deal -- but that mehness paired with such shippy letdown was really getting me down. This quote gives me hope. So yay!

ETA: Hmm, comments have oddly become "in defense of Rose, and the Rose/Damon relationship." LOL!
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