Arabian (arabian) wrote,

OMG! I'm so shocked! (SYTYCD)

Well, THAT was unexpected but entirely joyful for me. (I had (what I thought was totally unrealistic) the hope that it would be Allison and not Natalie going home tonight.) I was completely and utterly convinced that Natalie was going home and watching just to watch her goodbye video. And I think EVERYONE, judges, other contestants, etc. all thought that Natalie was going. I'm so happy she's still there. If I had a choice of a final three ladies that I thought believably would make it there, it would have been these three (I love Jessica, but I know I'm in the minority with that) ... I expected Allison to beat Natalie and I'm glad she didn't because while I liked Allison, I loved Natalie overall in every way. So go Natalie!!!!

Not a shock at all was Ryan's departure. The only icky thing left is the fact that somehow frickin' IVAN! is in the top three of guys and that is just wrong! But WOOHOO! Natalie, and hopefully she and Benji will be paired with numbers that actually require them to dance together. If not, I could live with a Natalie/Travis pairing -- but please don't put her with Ivan. Ick!

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