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Merlin - Season Finale thoughts

Aww, I wish still had my one Merlin icon to use because I'm actually writing a Merlin post. Shocker!

OMG! I loved it. It was so cool; and I'm so proud of my sister because there was a review that mentioned a knowingly cute final shot and everyone thought it was about Gwen/Arthur, but my sister thought it would be Merlin putting Excalibur in the stone ... and she was totally right because she is awesome-sauce like that!

Random thoughts ...

- The knights of the round table scene was so cool. I loved them all standing up (especially my beloved Gwain!), and the final bit with Merlin and Arthur was adorable. And then I thought Arthur might knight them, but figured they wouldn't go there right then, but then they did and it was awesome.

- Lancelot, who has bored me past episodes he's been in, was fabulous in this one. I loved all of his scenes with Merlin, even if it deprived me of my lovely Merlin/Gwain scenes -- I love those bunches.

- Ah, Gwain! I would have liked more with him, but we've had some great stuff with him recently so I won't complain. I know he's not the bestest actor, but Eoin Macken has such an easy, charming charisma about him that he's an utter delight. In just his short time on the show, he's become my third favorite character (after Merlin and Gaius).

- Gwen was pretty durn awesome in the first half of the episode, even if she pretty much disappeared in the second half, I still loved what we got with her.

- And speaking of Gwen, I loved that they framed the big Arthur/Gwen kiss much in how they framed their first kiss, less backlit this time, but still lovely.

- Oh, man, when the dragon said that his allegiance was to Merlin, I was all: Awwww!!! I love the love/hate relationship between the dragon and Merlin. Tis awesome.

- I also like the little bit we got with Merlin and Freya because I did love that episode with the two of them.

- My one complaint remains the same one I've had all season, they didn't lay enough groundwork for Morgana's utter evil. I really wish we'd been given flashbacks in the first couple of episodes to some of what went down in the year she was with Morgause. I think that would have given a MUCH stronger base for the EVUL!smirking evil of Morgana! However, I thought the whole Morgana going mad, glowing gold eyes, windows breaking and walls crumbling in her grief was pretty dang awesome.

- Also awesome was Excalibur coming out of the lake, Lancelot's reaction the first time he saw the sword take out an undead knight, and, of course, that final shot of the sword in the stone. AWE-SOME!

All in all, despite some issues with the show overall still, I did like this season, and I LOVED this finale. It was fantastic and Colin Morgan (as always) was deliciously wonderful. He's the reason I decided to watch this show in the first place (I will always love him as the goth kid from Doctor Who's "Midnight"), and he's never disappointed me because he is just marvelous. Such a wonderfully gifted young actor, and such a cutie too. :)

Bottom-line: FANTASTIC FINALE!!! Too bad we have to wait forevvvvver for it to return.
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