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RT IGN Comic Con L/V Quotes

Since everyone else is commenting on this bit, I guess I will (even if I'm copying what I wrote elsewhere).

Rob Thomas on the Logan/Veronica relationship in IGN from ComicCon.

Although the thing that I will say is that the Logan/Veronica relationship is going strong. The last time we see them in season 2, they are clearly together, and I know that the fans would beat me with sticks if suddenly they broke up over the summer for unexplained reasons. I've said before that I want the Logan/Veronica relationship to be a roller coaster ride; I want it to feel like the relationship of somebody you fell in love with in high school. It shouldn't… It would be unrealistic, particularly for two characters who are so headstrong and volatile like those two, to have this nice, sweet romance play out for five years. There will be ups and downs, and they're going to start the season on an up.

One thing I would agree with the fans who are in that Veronica/Logan camp is that we never got to see them in a solid relationship. I'm interested in exploring what the two of them look like in that. We're going to throw obstacles in front of them. So even if the destiny of the show is that in episode 100 they ride off into the sunset together -- which I'm not saying it is! But it certainly is one of the possibilities, and if they continue to have the kind of chemistry I generally think that they have on screen, together or not, that could be the ending of the show -- I want it to be a rocky ride. I think that's what's fun, dramatically.
I don't mind ups and downs at all. It's RT's version of "down" I'm worried about. My one annoyance with his comments was his apparent belief that viewers want sweet/happy LoVe. Yes, we want some moments/episodes like that, but we want the full, hot-blooded, emotional, epic, messy, complicated relationship, not just schmoop. And Logan and Veronica as individuals with their history and with the talent and chemistry of the actors can do that without the lame-ass other parties!

I would love to see the Piz angle be Logan noticing it, getting peeved about it and jealous, overreacting (and Lord, if they used this history, I'd be thrilled!!) commenting that when they were together last time another "good guy" was hanging around, making googly eyes and look what happened there (The Great Donut Stalking of Summer 2005). Have them fight, have them stalk all off, have Veronica walk off, have Logan not give her space, fight more, Logan makes her deal, she gets pissed and breaks up with him, talks to Wallace or Mac and then goes back to Logan, they make up, make-up sex and then Logan flirts with someone, Veronica gets jealous, whatever, or Veronica gets to close to danger in a case, Logan plays He-Man and puts his foot down, she's not having any of that, they fight, then make up, make-up sex. Etc.

Basically have the DOWNS a part of the relationship not an excuse to hook them up with other people. THAT, I can happily live with that. But to pair them with other people, especially Veronica, I still don't understand. Why? They break up, okay, not happy, but fine, but why does she have to date someone else? It's not like people tune into to this show to see Veronica's love life (unless it involves Logan). And it's not like she doesn't have stuff to occupy her time and it's not like she needs a guy to be complete. So why does she have to date anyone else? Why can't she just be single if she's not with Logan?

Having her date other guys makes the intensity of her feelings for Logan not that much, esp. when you take into account that she waited a year and a half after Duncan broke up with her to date someone else and then six months after the next time they "broke up." But after things end with Logan, she just jumps into other relationships right away because what? Logan is that easy to get over? And esp. with the way KB will no doubt play it, Veronica head over heels any other guy (simply because he's not Logan), it will play that she's over Logan and onto the next guy. And it's just stupid and makes a complete mockery out of the idea that Logan IS actually someone special.
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