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Favorite Vampire Diaries (in order)

No clue why I decided to do this, but I listed all of The Vampire Diaries episodes in order of favorite to least favorite. To be fair, there is no episode that I don't like, and only the last three are episodes I consider merely okay. Anyhoo, no discussion, just a list that I didn't think long and hard about, just went with my first reaction to the episode as I thought of it. Any TVD fans on my flst, I'd be interested in reading your lists. :)

01. "Miss Mystic Falls" (S01E19)
02. "Fool Me Once" (S01E14)
03. "The Return" (S02E01)
04. "Let the Right One In" (S01E17)
05. "Masquerade" (S02E07)
06. "Children of the Damned" (S01E14)
07. "Isobel" (S01E21)
08. "Under Control" (S01E18)
09. "Haunted" (S01E07)
10. "Founder's Day" (S01E22)

(To read the why of the top 10, check out this post.)

11. "The Sacrifice" (S02E10)
12. "Plan B" (S02E06)
13. "Katerina" (S02E09)
14. "Bloodlines" (S01E11)
15. "Unpleasantville" (S01E12)
16. "Lost Girls" (S01E06)
17. "Kill or Be Killed" (S02E05)
18. "A Few Good Men" (S01E15)
19. "Rose" (S02E08)
20. "Family Ties" (S01E04)
21. "Blood Brothers" (S01E20)
22. "Memory Lane" (S02E04)
23. "Bad Moon Rising" (S02E03)
24. "History Repeating" (S01E09)
25. "The Turning Point" (S01E10)
26. "You're Undead To Me" (S01E05)
27. "162 Candles" (S01E08)
28. "Brave New World" (S02E02)
29. "There Goes the Neighborhood" (S0E16)
30. "Friday Night Bites" (S01E03)
31. "The Night of the Comet" (S01E02)
32. "Pilot" (S01E01)
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