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2.10 - 'The Sacrifice' (The Vampire Diaries)

Halleluja! The Vampire Diaries is back and all is right in my world. Woohoo!!

OMG!I LOVE MY SHOW SO MUCH! Really, you all know I'm gonna write a long-ass rambling post about tonight's episode, but it pretty much boils down to ... OMG!I LOVE MY SHOW SO MUCH!

I think I'm gonna bullet-point this one in no particular order. I'm tired and have got to go to bed ASAP, so ... (Warning: I ramble all over the place! Oy!)

- Well, I've found my favorite Damon line of the season thus far: "I will break your arm." I laughed so hard at that. The delivery was AMAZING! And it was so awesome that it made up for the over-the-top acting that we got from Ian in spades tonight. However, I'm gonna cut the guy some slack. He has been in a bit too showy mode the last few episodes, however, I also know that he had walking pneumonia for nigh a month and he was probably pushing through to give Damon that spark and bite as much as possible, and simply overcompensated due to his pathetically sick state. I've had walking pneumonia; it's a bitch. So yeah, totally cutting the guy slack. Besides, we got "I will break your arm." Only with Damon/Elena, could you sorta/kinda take that line as semi-shippy, LOL!

- Did Damon manhandle Elena a bit much tonight? Yeah, he did, but I can forgive it because (a) I'm an unbashed Damon-stan who will find an excuse for any dastardly thing he does, (b) he was really trying to impress upon the importance of Elena NOT continuing to do what she was doing, and strong words weren't working, and (c) he was scared that she was going to get herself killed, and again, really wanted to impress upon her that she needed to stop!

- Ah, we got so many ultra-OMG! Damon/Elena moments. Wow, this was the most DE stuff we've gotten since "The Return," and I so am not complaining. Should I point out that Caroline Dries (she who co-wrote "Miss Mystic Falls") wrote this episode? Should I also point that OMG!I LOVE HER!? I mean, we got not one, not two, but THREE moments that played with the potential of turning into a kiss. Damon playing all hero to save her. Elena pretty much saying three separate times that she cares about Damon! SQUEE! And Damon reacting for just a millisecond every single time. DOUBLE SQUEE! Elena and Damon up in each other's faces. Stefan and Katherine listening to Damon and Elena obviously up in each other's faces while fighting ... which led to Katherine telling Stefan he'd made such a huge mistake by basically saying, 'yo, Damon, go spend all the time in the world with Elena and keep her from me.'

You know, on one hand, I love it because, hello!? Damon and Elena spending time together with no Stefan in the way. On the other hand, it's like, ugh! So Stefan has to be sorta out of the picture for Elena to even give Damon a thought? But then on the other other hand, really, as the show and characters have been written, yes, Stefan DOES have to sorta be out of the picture for Elena to even give Damon a thought. So once again, brilliant move on their part. Get Stefan out of the picture without sacrificing the character or Paul Wesley's presence on the show.

- One thing, though, what was up with the major close-ups of Damon and Elena's face in that first (looking at lips, yeah, Elena, I saw you do it too!) fight between them? I mean, MAJOR close-ups! I dunno, I don't have an HD TV so maybe it didn't look as off on HD or widescreen, because it looked to me like the zoom button had been hit and cut off a portion of their faces. It was a tad off.

- I've never multi-shipped on a show before. EVER! But I do on The Vampire Diaries. Obviously, my heart belongs 100% with Damon and Elena (okay, I enjoy the Damon/Katherine stuff, but I don't ship them, I just will greedily lap up every second of screentime that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev share no matter what character is being played), but I totally ship Stefan and Katherine ... and Stefan and Caroline ... and Caroline and Matt ... and Caroline and Tyler ... and Tyler and Jeremy ... and Jeremy and Bonnie ... and I kinda thought that Bonnie and Luka were cute this go-around too. I mean, DAYUM!, this show.

But let's back up a bit: Oh, yeah, Stefan and Katherine!! GAWD! I can't wait for next week. I've always said that Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have chemistry, it just can't compare to the Nina/Ian chemistry ... especially without the contrast in character types (like Damon and Elena). But with Katherine and Stefan, there is that contrast, plus Stefan doesn't treat Katherine like a fragile doll (as he does Elena), so there's more passion there, and it is ever hot!? I really can't wait for next week! Ah, but how the heck do they get there? I can't wait to see. I can only assume (which, with this show, could be a thousand miles off-base) that Katherine really digs into his insecurities about Damon and Elena. And, we think back to the last episode where we got that oh-so lovely reminder of them when Stefan's first thought about where Elena was that Stefan couldn't know about but where she was safe was that she was with Damon. Nice, very nice. (Damn, have I mentioned how much I frickin' love this show!)

- Heh, when Bonnie blocked Jeremy's attempt at a kiss, I thought, yeah, Jeremy, if you had the power and an annoying, kid brother propped up in the middle of your humiliating rejection, you'd snap his neck too, wouldn't you? Uh huh. Okay, that was my second thought. My first, was 'poor Jeremy!' Like, I'd thought 'poor Matt' when Tyler walked up. And I'm mad at Matt! He treated Caroline crappily in the second episode, but, but, but, he's like a big, golden retriever puppy and he and Caroline are so pretty together ... but, but, but ...

Tyler!! Tyler broke my heart tonight. When he kept fast-forwarding and saying the time frame before stopping and walking away with tears in his eyes telling Caroline that he can't do that, I just felt so much for him. Michael Trevino did a fantastic job all-around, but that one scene just slayed me. Excellent job, and while I was so not won over before this episode, yuppers, as I mentioned above, I was totally squeeing over Tyler and Caroline in this episode, and then Matt showed up and again, WAH! So many pretty people in pretty permutations of pretty to choose from!!!

- ELIJAH FUCKING ROCKS! End of story. Daniel Gillies is fantastic, and I hope he is played as sorta, maybe a good(ish) guy because I want to see him stick around plenty long time. Love, love, love him.

Damon: I killed you. You were dead.
Elijah: For centuries now.
BWAH! And then he did a dual-heart-rippage. I gotta say, I half-expected Damon to say either "Hey! That's my trip." Or "Yo, dude. Cool, I give you mad props." (Okay, Damon would never say either, but it was fun to imagine.)

- Man, oh, man, when Stefan zoomed in to pull Jeremy out, I was all "OH, NO, STEFAN!" And then remembered Nina Dobrev's quote about some sexy/shocking scenes in the next episode with a character of hers and how I had originally thought it would be Stefan and Katherine, but then remembered with her in the tomb, he wouldn't go in because he'd be trapped so, must be some other permutation, and then this. Ah hah! Good one, show! :) Have I mentioned that I can't wait until next week?!?!? Big thumbs up!

- Jeremy's plan *was* stupid, but it gave us three great moments, including my two favorite non-Damon/Elena moments. The first was Jeremy throwing the moonstone out of the tomb at the last moment (go, Jeremy!), second was Katherine saying "I'll be playing with my new toy" as she dragged Jeremy off, and third was Katherine calmly elbowing Jeremy in the face when he annoyed her. Yup, those last two were my two favorites. Hee!

- As much as I adore me some Alaric, I totally did not even realize he wasn't in the rest of the episode until the episode was over. The show was THAT good.

- So I'm back to thinking Bonnie is going to die because of her promise that she would be alright. DON'T DIE, BONNIE! I LOVE YOU AGAIN! (Even if your portrayer did a REALLY crappy cover of Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" -- only my favorite song by them -- and they played it in tonight's episode. I didn't even know it was her until I saw it on a TVD-music comm a few minutes ago. I do know that I remembered thinking during the show, 'Why are they playing a crappy cover of an awesome Garbage song? Their music choices are usually kick-ass.' *Sigh*)

- One teeny complaint: Elena is sleeping ... in full make-up, and push-up bra? Riiiiight! (Although, I did note that she was back to her sleepwear including pants, and not short shorts as she wore when Damon visited ... not that she knew he would be visiting, but still ....)

- I have to issue a mea culpa. I wrote about "Katerina" and the Damon/Rose sex stuff:

It really came across as the show deciding that dagnabbit! there hadn't been enough naked Ian Somerhalder, so let's get on that. Ooh! New vampire girl. Sure, Damon can bang her, non-naked-Damon-issue solved.
While I'm sure that was still a teeny part of the equation, obviously the key was that had Damon and Rose not hooked up, based on what we had seen, she would have called Stefan because she knew about him and Elena. However, because of her relationship with Damon, it made sense that she would feel comfortable and automatically call him first to help out. So, yeah, there was a reason. I shouldn't have doubted you, o show of mine!

- Elena, Elena, Elena! I loved what she did tonight. It showed me once again that Elena is not a cookie-cutter heroine who is just going to sit back and let everyone saved her. She is brave with a huge heart. I loved when she told Damon that she didn't question everyone else risking themselves for her, so why is she being questioned to risk herself for those she cares about? She saw the situation, thought it through and decided that if the choice was her life, or the lives of everyone she cares about, the choice that made the most sense was one for many, and she did her best to follow-through. Of course, I'm glad she failed cuz I love Elena, but her failure was mostly due to the continued lameness that is the wimpy vampire that is Rose.

Seriously, woman, you've got 350 years on Damon's ass (no matter how hot it is), and you begin a conversation with him with "don't be angry with me?" Really?! Was the sex *that* good? (Didn't seem like it judging from the after-nonglow.) Sigh. And then she runs. Of course, she ran. A part of me hopes that this is the end of her, but another part is actually enjoying the fact that she's such a flippin' wimp and Damon clearly sees that and will likely continue to make cracks about it. There's no emotional attachment to this chick for him at all, she's just a bed-warmer. Speaking of ... I wonder if we'll get some callback to Elena's discovery about that in the next episode? Hmm....

Still on Elena, those first two scenes at Slater's were quite interesting. She sees a dead body and there wasn't a moment of empathy, no, her first reaction was frustration at the inconvenience to her. This was followed by her complete lack of empathy for Alice (after all, she only had Rose's word that Alice only cared about being turned), and then her casually lying to Alice about Rose turning her. I mean, getting a bit crafty and a tad cold there, aren't you, Elena? But it makes sense. So much crap has happened to her, that it would harden a person.

- Lastly, I loved that there was some more of that genuine love there on display between Damon and Stefan in that final scene. I do love me my Salvatore brothers.

All in all, as a Damon/Elena fan, as a multi-shipping fan (of this show at least), of Damon, of The Vampire Diaries overall, this episode made me a happy, happy camper!

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