Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I LOVED 'Glee!'

Watched Glee, and considering my not too-happy recent post on it, I figured I'd share my happy-happy joy-joy with this episode.

Aww, I really loved this episode of Glee, and I'm not just saying that because Quinn's voice was at least showcased. Other than not really digging the Santana song choice solo or Chord Overstreet's vocals (sorry), and how Tina does kinda really annoy me, I quite, quite enjoyed this episode. Now, I'm sure the Will/Emma and Rachel/Finn shippers didn't have much reason to be happy, but I do think that the story was written well and it didn't come out of nowhere.

I thought the show did a great job in incorporating the whole cast, without leaving anyone out (well, other than a missing Sue). I'm not sure they've ever so beautifully done that, or ever done it, period. I mean, every single character shown was showcased even if it was only a few scenes, nothing felt tacked on or out of place. The reason for the change in the lead singers was so well-scripted and played out well with what's happened on the show thus far. And, again, other than the Santana song choice as mentioned, I really loved all of the songs.

Random thingies --

- I LOVE how they're writing Rachel/Kurt's relationship. Yay! And hearing them sing together is ALWAYS a pleasure. Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer sound bee-yew-tee-ful together!

- I was quite surprised at how well Tina and Mercedes did "Dog Days are Over." It was gorgeous fun!

- I loved the warm body fill-in and pretty much all of her lines and delivery of said lines. (Plus, hee! She rocked Puck's world.) I know we've seen her before, but only in bits and pieces; she was fabulous.

- I'm not die-hard for them at all, but still I do like them so ... SQUEE! to the Rachel/Puck stuff.

- New hairdo on Emma! Yay! I hated her flippy hair-thingie.

- Uhm, were the Warblers *supposed* to sound that bland and homegenized? Cuz, they really, really were. But I did love how the New Directions crew made everyone stand up for them (well, Kurt!).

- Finally, Quinn DID sound lovely and getting to see some of Dianna Agron highlighted is always a plus for me!
Tags: dianna agron, glee, tv

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