Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Glee Christmas CD - okay one song

I really like their "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" but then I get frustrated when Dianna Agron (Quinn) sings her one line and sounds absolutely lovely, and that's it ... followed up by Naya Rivera singing a whole crapload of lines and in *this* type of song not sounding even remotely as nice as Dianna. It's bad enough she's practically absent from the show with most of her songs/screentime being given to Santana and Brittany, but can't a Quinn/Dianna fan get a break anywhere?!

Geez! I'm this close to replacing my Quinn icon with a Dianna icon to show my solidarity with her as opposed to the show.


ETA: HAH! I did it. Take that, Glee! Okay, I kept the Quinn icon because I like it so, but see if I use it much anymore! So, yeah!
Tags: dianna agron, glee

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