Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD (Spoilers)

I didn't write notes last night and so am just copying my thoughts over from my response to Harper47's lj entry."

I agree with what I've read that Ryan/Natalie had no chemistry. I still love Natalie, but she's got no chance of winning anyway, so if her injury could get worse (as Gerrie has worried about) then yeah, let her go now. Unless, by some miracle her and Benji could get paired again and actually get routines where they, you know, danced TOGETHER. But nah, she's going. (I really wish it was Allison, but that's just me.)

Last night did Donyelle NO favors. None whatsoever.

The one thing that surprised me (and I'm clearly in the minority), I think that dancing with Benji did Heidi no favors. I was, for the first time, quite underwhelmed by her. She just did not compare to Benji and I don't think the two have any real chemistry. I thought she was magnficent with Travis, paired perfectly, and of course was much, much better than Ryan overall. With Benji, I frankly think he just out-danced, out-charismed, out-wowed her. She has no weakness as a dancer, but dancing with Benji showed to me that she's simply not the best. He is and he was all I could concentrate on, I had to force myself to watch her.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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