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2.09 - 'Katerina' (The Vampire Diaries)

I've had a hellacious couple of days, so this will be fairly short (for me).

- I found it interesting the way Elena was with Damon in their one scene with just the two of them. Considering that the last interaction we saw between them -- that Elena is aware of -- Damon had just saved her and they'd shared the mouthed "you're welcome/thank you" moment. She just seemed oddly off? tense? I don't know, but it was something enough that it makes me wonder if we'll find out in a later episode that she was drinking vervain tea or something related and thus was not compelled to forget Damon's declaration.

- I don't know if it's because I'm much more into Damon/Elena or the non-stop OTT angst between Stefan and Elena, but I am officially, completely over them. I tend to think it's the latter, though, because I liked Stefan and Elena through all of season one, and by the time "Miss Mystic Falls" rolled around, I was so very hard on the Damon/Elena train ... yet that episode features one of my favorite Stefan/Elena moments (their version of the dance). I think it's just that last season there were a lot of other teenage stories going around so Stefan/Elena didn't stick out, but this season, there's so little teenage stuff that when they start in on it, I'm just done.

- "I'll be the safest, psychotic bitch in town." Seriously, I love Katherine so much. She's frickin' awesome! And, yay, for this episode proving I was right about her. (And about vampire-changes in general as specified by Stefan to Caroline in "Bad Moon Rising"). I wrote in my write-up of the entire first season after rewatching it a fourth time regarding Isobel's contention that human life means nothing to her.

So cold, such a perfect illustration of what a vampire with that humanity switch shut completely off is like, but one who's not inherently a cruel person. As I rather assume that Katherine is. Meaning that in life, she was probably a cold-hearted bitch and being a vampire just brought it to the fore. Because even while being cruel, you see strains of the good people they were in Isobel, Damon, Pearl, Anna and Stefan. Of all of the vampires we've met, I think that only Katherine and Frederic were nasty pieces of work in life as well as undeath.
And here we have it. Katherine was a selfish, vindictive slut even way back in the early 1400's. Sleeping around (Katherine's comment -- "My indiscretions were not tolerated at that time" -- rather pointed to more than one naughty occasion), using Trevor's love for her, setting up Rose and Trevor to take Klaus' vengeance. Yeah, that Katherine, ALWAYS a piece of work. AWESOME!

- YAY! My Bonnie is absolutely back. THIS is the character I fell in love with the first half of season one. Her return began a few episodes ago, and it's in full swing now. She was just sparkling and delightful, and dangit, I like her and Jeremy now. Show? DO NOT KILL BONNIE! And Bonnie? Jeremy is way hotter than Luka. (Although, his apparently evil daddy, on the other hand ... mmhmm, love me a man in glasses! Hot!) Speaking of, I was surprised when he popped up at the end of the episode with badder-than-bad-ass Elijah. I wasn't surprised at all that Slater was speaking for Elijah, his tone and all that, but that he was being compelled was a surprise. Oh, show, never change.

- Again, Elijah is so badder than bad-ass. I can't imagine someone topping him as Klaus supposedly is, but man, Elijah is just awesome. Not just taking the dude's coins, but replacing them with a 100-dollar bill from his neat stack of bills, so kind. Taking in the information he wanted and then whamm-o, throwing the coins at the window. So cool.

- I'm sorry, show, but if you keep on giving me such uber-adorably sparkling scenes between Stefan and Caroline where they are the definition of delightfullness and squee, I just have to continue to ship the hell out of them.

- Hmm, three for three. Yeah, something's up with all the Lexi mentions. Personally, I think Rose is going to turn against Damon and screw some plan up, or maybe even hurt Elena and/or Stefan deliberately to get back at Damon for killing Lexi. Remember, Rose said that Lexi was her friend, and being on the run with Trevor as she was, she probably didn't have many of those. So, yeah, that's my theory as to why the number of Lexi mentions.

- So, Stefan is still worried about Damon and Elena? Interesting. Katherine really pegged it when she showed him the two of them all couply as his worst fear. Interesting, indeed. And Caroline's "eww!" reaction shows how she'd react when it happens, LOL!

- Heh, I loved Damon's contention that he's very good at ripping hearts out. Hah!

- Shirtless, supposedly-naked Damon is always a good thing, so I'm not complaining about that, but, what? "You turn off your switch/You first" is vampire code for and then we'll have sex? I mean, really. They delivered those lines, and then bam, they're in each others faces and kissing (and, yeah, there was totally a spark of chemistry because this is Ian-HumanChemistryGenerator-Somerhalder we're talking about). And then they had sex. And it was just so meh. There had been nothing beforehand to suggest at an attraction, and there was certainly nothing afterward that suggested it either. It really came across as the show deciding that dagnabbit! there hadn't been enough naked Ian Somerhalder, so let's get on that. Ooh! New vampire girl. Sure, Damon can bang her, non-naked-Damon-issue solved.

- So, yeah, Rose. I'm sorry, I wanted to like her, but, man, she is, without a doubt, the wimpiest vampire we've yet seen. She's so lame. Seriously, though, think of characters introduced and the reaction -- Alaric, his first episode, people were loving him, or at least he made a pronounced splash. Ditto for Anna, Pearl, Katherine, Lucy, Grams, Elijah, etc. Rose is just meh. She is the lamest vampire ever. If she were the lead character of this show, it would be called The Wimpy Vampire Diaries. I mean, 500 years old, and she needs the big, strong man to rescue her from the sun, otherwise, she'd just lay there and burn to death? Slater, at about forty years old, got the heck outta dodge without having to be saved. She doesn't quip, she's not sparkly (like Caroline), she's not bad-ass, she's lame. Pearl, Anna, Isobel would kick her ass in a heartbeat. I do still like the accent.

- Oh, and speaking of accents ... and foreign tongues, GO NINA DOBREV! Seriously, it sucks royally that this girl is NOT getting more notice for the amazing job she's doing. If the Emmys actually meant something, her name should damn well be etched on one come September. I only realized today just how amazing she was in this episode because I didn't think of the fact that I was watching one actress play Elena, present-day Katherine in the tomb, 1490 human, birthin' Katherine, and 1492 human, scared and on the run, but still selfishly thinking on her feet Katherine, because all portrayals were so seamless, it didn't *feel* like the same actress at all. Nina is just kicking so much ass here, there are no words. And I got such a kick out of hearing her speak her native Bulgarian. Awe-some!

As is this show ... awe-some! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
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