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05 November 2010 @ 02:41 pm
2.08 - 'Rose' (The Vampire Diaries)  
Watched my show. Loved it. Of course.

Breaking this down into characters and pairings this time. Ooh! Trying something new!

Bonnie and Jeremy

I really loved what they did with Bonnie in tonight's episode. For the first time in a while, she felt like a real character beyond the witch who comes out for plot points. And, honestly, it wasn't until this episode that I even realized that is what she had sorta become. But talking about her Grams, her dad and her mom leaving, it reminded us of Bonnie, the person, and not just Bonnie, the witch. However, I'm taking that -- as well as the nosebleeds/fainting -- that Bonnie's death is gonna happen. We're getting anvils here, peeps! Of course, this show is master at not doing the obvious, but they've yet to be obvious, have everyone discount the obvious because it's too obvious, and then hit the obvious thus shocking everyone who had discounted it. I'm thinking/wondering if Bonnie going bye-bye will be that first obvious, thus non-obvious, shocker. We'll see.

Of course, the biggest anvil is the fact that Jeremy likes her. And we know that when Jeremy likes a girl, death inevitably follows. Unfortunately, I don't think they're quite working. I thought that they were approaching adorable last week, however, this episode pushed the connection too much. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was heavy-handed, but the music, the silences, the just-this-side-of-about-to-kiss looks was too much, too soon. There was definitely potential last week, and they aren't beyond saving, but this pushed them into the WTF? where is this coming from? territory that I was worried about when I first heard about Bonnie and Jeremy. I think we needed at least one more episode bridging last week's interaction with this one before jumping into this -- what feels almost like -- insta-connection.

Caroline and Tyler

Hah, as if Caroline would be able to keep it from Tyler, Damon. That was just silly on Damon's part, especially knowing what Caroline already told him about the situation. Oh, Damon. Not much Caroline in this episode beyond "bonding" with Tyler. And I'm sorry, but I don't like it. I read many a person swooning, but I'm not seeing it. Prior to that moment of bonding where they both talked about how they're all alone, blah, blah, blah, Tyler was emotionally and physically abusive to her. Had she NOT been a vampire with that super-strength, girl would have bruises up and down her arm, if not worse. Tyler was -- what he always has been -- a bully with some serious anger management issues. I do NOT see this boding well for anyone when the wolf starts popping up. And, oy vey, when he finds out she lied to him and there are other vampires? I expect even worse treatment from him because she "betrayed" him. That would so be Tyler's M.O.

Stefan and Damon | Damon and Elena

I love Stefan, I genuinely do. However, he was such an unknowing selfish asshole in this episode, in my opinion. I say unknowing because I do believe that it was not intentional in the slightest at all. It's just that Stefan is the Golden Boy who everyone always loves and who gets what he wants, and who only doesn't get what he wants when he chooses to deny himself for what he thinks is the better. He is genuinely a good guy. And everything he said to Damon was not intended to poke or hurt at all, I'm sure. However ... (you knew that was coming), he knows that Elena does not love Damon, and he knows how Damon feels about her, and yet, he kept poking and prodding about the fact that Damon's in love with her. Damon wasn't going to pack up his vampire-hunting tools and go, he was there to save Elena and talking about Damon's feelings did nothing but remind Damon that he doesn't have the girl. Again. That he's left out in the cold. Again. That he's alone. Again.

And then in that final scene with Damon, I know that Stefan was not trying to be cruel or selfish. I know that absolutely, and I completely get that, but ... he was selfish and cruel. He didn't apologize to Damon for Damon, to make Damon feel better. Damon made it clear he doesn't want to deal with it, but *Stefan* wanted to deal with it; *Stefan* wanted to go there. It made *Stefan* feel better to apologize, to say the words. It was all about making Stefan feel better about the situation and making it up to Damon because, you know, he got the girl ... again. And so how does he do this? By pushing a sentiment on Damon that he's not in the mood to hear, by reminding Damon that he turned him so that he, Stefan, wouldn't be alone. Which just served to be a painful reminder to Damon that Stefan isn't alone. He could have had Katherine. He had Lexi, likely could have (did have) countless others but was only cut-off because he wanted to punish himself, and now he has Elena. And what/who does Damon have? No one. Just Stefan. The perfect brother. The Golden Boy. The one who everyone loves. The one who damned him to an eternity of being alone because all the girls he loves love his brother. So, yeah, I absolutely think that Stefan was being unthinkingly selfish.

But that was definitely part of why Damon went to see Elena. He knows Stefan, and he probably felt like absolute crap at the reminder (unspoken and unintentional, but there none-the-less) that he's alone, but he knows that Stefan was trying to mend fences and make it right between them. And contrary to his lack of profession or attitude most of the time, it's very clear that Damon loves his brother. So that did mean something to him, as did Elena completely ignoring the fact that Stefan pretty much did diddly-squat at the rescue party and that if it hadn't been for Damon, they'd all have been toast. Yet it was Stefan's arms that she joyfully ran into, while Damon was just an afterthought of gratitude. (Though to be fair, I adored that mouthed "thank you" and his "welcome back." Such an awesome little moment between them. LOVED. IT.) He realized that he wasn't ever going to get her, and that she would always choose Stefan, the good one, the golden boy and because that's who Stefan is, he deserves someone like Elena.

And so we got that final scene between Damon and Elena that was just so beautiful. Damon saying what was in his heart without a joke or a jibe, without anything hidden, showing the good man that does reside within but has been so eroded by years of his vampiric ways. And Elena listened. That was what was so wonderful from her end, beyond her initial protest, she stood there and she listened to his every word, without compulsion, without fighting, she took in everything he said. Would it have changed things between them had Damon not compelled her to forget his words? I don't know. I think it might have, not that she would end things with Stefan and go running to Damon, but a new awareness that would have brought them to a better place with one another, one with potential. Of course, that won't happen. He made her forget, and he's likely to try and move on since he's let her go, even if she doesn't realize it.

What will come of that? Well, Rose did mention she liked bad boys. That's foreshadowing if I've ever heard it. Will Elena notice or react that Damon's no longer playing the pining for Elena game and opening the door to new possibilities? I think she would. Because despite her words in the premiere, there IS most definitely something between her and Damon. And I'm not just telling deeper feelings of affection. Her gaze pre-and post-forehead kiss proved that attraction's at play here too. She absolutely thought that Damon was going to kiss her lips when he leaned in to kiss her forehead ... and she did not pull away or protest. She also, at the very least, wanted that kiss. Her eyes were locked on *his* lips before and after he kissed her forehead. That's not the first time this has happened, but this is the most charged moment it's happened in. So, what will happen if/when Damon backs off and tries to move on? I don't know, but I think perhaps something. Not right away, but there will be something, I'm almost positive.

Random Stuffies

- No Alaric! Wah!! Show, you're killin' me here!

- Fantastic casting with Elijah. That actor absolutely nailed everything that one would expect from an Original.

- Speaking of, I cant believe they introduced the first vampires early on in the second season! Damn, this show!

- You know, it's funny because this episode seemed a tad "slow" after last week, but when you think about it, A LOT happened. We found out a lot more about the doppelganger thing, the reason of the moonstone, who Katherine was afraid of/why she faked her death. That's a lot of information. And there was all that plus the awesome vampires against vampires scene in the empty mansion, the ripping heads off (come on, Trent Ford may be pretty, but that was ooky-cool!). Plus, of course, that killer final scene with Damon and Elena, and Elijah coming back to life. (Insert evil laugh.)

- You know, I've read a lot of complaints about how Damon/Stefan didn't properly kill of Elijah, and I'm scratching my head at the complaint. We knew he was an Original; we knew his power, we knew how old and powerful he was, etc. The boys didn't. In their mind, Katherine is the worst thing there is, so obviously they can't (or haven't) conceived really of anything worse than her, so why would they think, oh, we should take extra care and precaution with this particular vampire. On the other hand, Rose is a bit of an idiot for not doing more because she DID know.

- I did like Rose, but her bad-ass, bitch-vampire-on-wheels, nasty nastiness from the original casting sides was much more interesting, in my opinion. Ah well. Nice accent. And I did like, okay, well "like" isn't the word, rather appreciated that Rose backhanded Elena. Not because I wanted to see Elena hurt, but because we so rarely see Elena get brought to heel for frankly being so idiotically brave and in-your-face to super-strong baddies who could kill her in the space of a finger snap.

- Nice Lexi mention; I love stuff like that. Hmm, just thinking now. That's two episodes in a row, I wonder if we'll be seeing her in flashback soon?

- Man! Elena never hears Damon's awesome, epic, selfless speeches, LOL! We got Katherine pretending to be Elena, and now Damon compelling the memory away. :Sniffsniff:

- Okay, I'm back to firmly and 100% believing that Damon and Elena are endgame, as much, if not more, than I was after "The Return." We continue to see the build, the selflessness, the time and care taken crafting this exquisite love story between them and ... erm, are Stefan and Elena just back together now? Is that what's going to happen next episode, or we'll we see Elena re-iterate her break-up speech from the end of "Masquerade?" If it's the former, then, yeah, Stefan and Elena are *not* the love story they are selling as THE one. If we do get them still broken up -- although, I fully expect Stefan to not realize that -- then they are still keeping enough of an equal footing of star-crossed loveness to the story to both sides of the triangle.

I just still believe that Damon and Elena's is much stronger. We had in last night's episode, a selfless Damon who is backing off to do what he feels is best for Elena. On the other side, we have a Stefan, at 162 years old!, who won't take that step (as he told Caroline). Instead, it's the 17-year old human girl who has the cojones to say, 'dude, to do what's best for everyone, we need to chill.' The former reads a lot more real and epic to me personally over the latter which plays like a teenage boy who always gets what he wants. Sorry, Stefan, I swear to God, I do love you soooo much, but I do see your flaws (yes, same with Damon too, dude's so far from perfect). :)

- One final thought: Normally, I'm cool with the episode titles, but Rose the character was so very much not strong enough to warrant an episode title (Elijah would have worked much better actually). I really wish they'd gone with some variation of alone because every single character felt and/or referenced that. Would have been cool. Ah well. Small, silly little thing, I know, LOL! Still love my show so!
Mistvalkyrie_75 on November 5th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
Have been checking my friends page all day for this! Haven't read yet - wanted to gush first. :)
Arabian: Eric & Sookie 01arabian on November 5th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks. :)
eolivet on November 5th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
Yet it was Stefan's arms that she joyfully ran into him, while Damon was just an afterthought of gratitude.

Interesting...I didn't see it like that at all (wishful thinking?) She saw what Damon did, locked eyes with him and started coming down the stairs and then I saw Stefan step in front of Damon and embrace her. Which she gratefully accepted, but...I didn't think that's who she was going for. Damon had just saved her life, after all (did she even know where Stefan was?)

Your interpretation makes more sense, in light of what happened in the final(ish) scene, though -- but I kind of like it as Stefan...er...cock-blocking Damon (albeit unknowingly).

This was my favorite TVD ep that I've seen thus far. Loved it more than "The Return." In fact, I'm amazed to see the "meh" in other places. That last scene was so awesome. Their chemistry is off the charts, daaaamn!!!

It's like your icon says...every time he says goodbye, it feels more like hello (OK, that's more "Glee" song than your icon, but...still! :) LOVED THIS EP, OMG. Yay!!! :)
Arabian: Quinn01arabian on November 5th, 2010 10:32 pm (UTC)
I'll have to rewatch that scene and see if I get that, because regardless of what Elena actually did, what Damon did in the final scene was based on what *he* perceived of the rescue and the discussion with Stefan. So you're interpretation could be right too.

ETA: No, she was looking/talking to Damon and then her face changed when she saw Stefan. Alas.

Wow, you're favorite? Hmm. It's probably my 3rd or 4th of this season, but then you only have this one really awesome Damon/Elena scene. If you watched season one .... (really, there are TONS!), you might not be so swayed by just their awesome, LOL!

Edited at 2010-11-05 10:56 pm (UTC)
eolivet on November 5th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Ah, OK. I thought after I posted that that Stefan might've been out of frame, and she started running towards him (unbeknownst to Damon). That scene was difficult to watch, though -- poor guy.

Yep, this was my favorite. I thought the character stuff was outstanding. Stefan was a jerk, but I....kind of think he's a jerk anyway, so that didn't bother me. I thought the story of Rose and her BFF was fascinating, the Original was scary, but not OTT, the Damon/Stefan "bonding" moments were great and the Damon/Elena...OMG. Loved it. So angsty, and so hot. Perfect combo. ;p

I think...this felt like the first ep where we didn't get STEFAN AND ELENA ARE MENT 2 B!!!1111 shoved down our throats. And they didn't share a scene when Damon wasn't in the room, so...hee. ;) I'm petty, and I don't care. I loved it. :D
eolivet on November 5th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
And forgot: loved Tyler/Caroline! Great to see those two bonding over their...predicaments. Caroline played it so cool at first, but I like how she ultimately relented and (obviously!) didn't give up Damon and Stefan. :) Great character moment. Even cooler because it seems like Tyler is unaware (?) vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. :x
Arabian: Caroline01arabian on November 5th, 2010 11:15 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think I'm the only one who is NOT vibing on Tyler and Caroline. Dude was abusive, and I don't trust him. Especially not with my beloved Caroline!
luvbama: 10 damonluvbama on November 6th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
No, Jen, you are not the only one as I'm right there with you. I've never liked Tyler--didn't like him last season, don't like him this season, and don't expect to like him in any season with or without fur. My total dislike of him makes me gag at the very thought of a hook-up between Caroline and him. She's so beyond awesome, and he is just...not. Moving on...

I was all over the place with this episode. I loved Damon's every expression, word, and action. Stefan got on my nerves early on and never got off, and I couldn't help but grin when Rose used a very effective way to get Elena to shut up. About time someone showed Elena that she's not in charge of every situation. I'm slowly warming to Jeremy, but really just don't feel the Bonnie/Jeremy coupling. Rose was more or less blah, but Elijah? Swoon! Yeah, Elijah can hang around for a few (or more) episodes. Such an interesting character, and yes, some quite delicious eye candy. The final scene between Damon and Stefan didn't move me. Perhaps it should have, but it just didn't. And then we have the final Damon/Elena scene. Beautiful. Perfect. Heartbreaking. Yes, you are absolutely correct: Damon and Elena are SO endgame! From the ashes, the Phoenix rises.

Arabian: Elena01arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:31 pm (UTC)
I have to say that sarcasticcheese did point out that much of Tyler's abusive issues CAN be lain at his werewolfy heritage, so if I'm willing to cut Damon slack for his vampiric influenced bad behavior, I should Tyler as well. Still, I don't think they have chemistry, and damnit, Caroline belongs with Stefan!

Aww, see even if I did think that Stefan was selfishly cruel, I think it was unknowingly and I still adore him. As for Rose hitting Elena, it pissed me off because I love my girl. I just liked seeing the show give us repercussions for Elena boldly going where she really shouldn't oftentimes.

Edited at 2010-11-13 08:03 pm (UTC)
Arabian: Damon & Elena03arabian on November 5th, 2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
OMG! YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE FIRST SEASON! You are viewing so many things this season in such an odd way, LOL! There are so many episodes that have all of what you've described in different ways. Just based on this season though, I felt that episodes one and two were very obvious that Stefan and Elena were nearing their end.
Mistvalkyrie_75 on November 5th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)

Bonnie/Jeremy. I have now full-on accepted the possibility of Bonnie's death. I still don't like it - but it does certainly seem as if this is a possibility. All the nose bleeds and fainting and whatnot. I can see her saving Elena in some epic moment where it just sucks the life force out of her. Elena's gonna blame her self and Jeremy's gonna say, don't she knew what would happen and she did it because she loves you, etc etc.... At least that's how it plays out in my mind's eye.

Caroline. Whether Bonnie stays or goes, Caroline is now my new favorite female character on the show. So much love for vamp Caroline that I just can't express right now. :) I love her tenacity. I love the way she has found a new inner-spark and is growing as a person. Which brings me to:

Caroline/Tyler. I have pulled up anchor, hoisted the sails, have packaged, wrapped and written a note declaring as such that I'm firmly shipping Caroline/Tyler. Yeah - he's been an asshole in the past. but think about it: His parents hardly have time for him, meanwhile pushing their "ideals" on him about what it means to be a "Lockwood" - he's running around drinking and fighting and sucking-face with his friend's mom, and generally self-destructing all just to get someone to "get" him and to want to know him. It seems like he really just wants to connect with another human being. So much money in his life - and we all know money doesn't buy happiness. Seems as if the only way he knows to get attention is by doing bad or mean things, so he grabbed Caroline. He knew something was up with Caroline, I don't know if he woulda grabbed her like that if he wasn't thinking she was a werewolf too. Maybe I'm just rationalizing the behavior because I want them to make little vuppies together. :)) But seriously, I think now that he has someone to "connect to" that Caroline will help him discover how to control his temper and impulses much like she's had to learn and is still learning how to do. And on a much shallower note, they jut look so cute together! I've wanted to see Tyler happy since the show started - my heart constantly bleeds for him. I NEVER NEVER would have shipped this in S1 or even before two episodes ago. I would have laughed in anyone's face who would daresay I'd ship this at some point. But I'm sorry... the heart wants what the heart want - and mine wants Caroline/Tyler. *swoon :)

Stefan.... gawd, you nailed this so right on, re: his unrealized selfishness. It was selfishness and pushy ways that made Damon a vampire. It was selfishness that brought him back to Mystic Falls to find Elena - even though he knew he'd bring her pain. It's his selfishness that constantly pushes Damon to behave in a way or to want things or accept ideas or discuss subjects that happen to be things that STEFAN wants or thinks is right. I asbso wanted to punch Stefan in the car scene and then again when he had the bag over his shoulder, telling Damon that "he couldn't think of a better reason to die". STFU Stefan! Damon wasn't saying that he didn't want to go in and help Elena - all he wanted was a freaking game plan! Why go in guns blazing - you'd be no good to her dead! What a douche bag Stefan was in this ep.

Damon/Elena - strong of mind and with singular purpose he gave selflessly to help the woman who breaks his heart daily. I literally was nauseous when he thought she was coming to embrace him only to embrace Stefan. Then later, when he came to her room to return her necklace and confessed his feelings for her, my sister and I were holding hands saying OMG! OMG! Don't take away the memory, don't! We watched the fight scene and the end over and over first cursing Stefan then Elena - back and forth. Oh, poor Damon! We would all accept you here! lol....!!

Stefan/Elena - I wanna punch Stefan in his effing face after this epi. I can't say where this hostility is coming from exactly. The ONLY redeeming thing for her in MY mind was the fact that she finally shut her yap and let Damon express himself and his feelings without being all, "No, Damon... stop it Damon, go away Damon, never in your wildest dreams, Damon... I hate you Damon. blah blah blah."
Arabian: Stefan01arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
No, I refuse to accept Bonnie's death now because I love her again, and she and Jeremy are adorable. I refuse to see it; it's just another obvious ploy that will NOT happen. I declare it so.

Sorry, can't join you in shipping Caroline and Tyler. I don't see chemistry, and she belongs with Stefan, and I simply don't like Tyler, but you are very much not alone there.

Well, I do agree (obviously) that Stefan was unknowingly selfish and cruel, I wouldn't call him a douchebag, because he really didn't get it. He's NEVER been in Damon's second-choice, left-out-in-the-cold shoes, so he doesn't understand it, and he genuinely was trying to help and show his brother love at the end. Not douchbaggery at all, just unknowingly selfish and cruel. I &hearts Stefan.

Edited at 2010-11-13 07:35 pm (UTC)
Mittensugarsyringe on November 5th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
I've only just watched the show. I'm a little late but I caught up!
And really, your review contains exactly what I was thinking about that episode.
I kinda liked Trevor (I don't know if his name should be spelled like that) but you're right, the beheading was epic.

As for Rose... I don't know. She was great but not fantastic. Elijah made much more of a good first impression.
Arabian: TVD-Cast01arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:36 pm (UTC)
See, I wouldn't even call Rose great. She was ... okay. And for this show where characters introduced generally HIT IT right away, she was really a disappointment. Ah well, so much else about this episode was fantastic. And, yes, Elijah is awesome!
vamplover85vamplover85 on November 6th, 2010 02:51 am (UTC)
I adore your reviews you get right to the character, what do you think about Bonnie & Jeremy? As a couple? I think they would be great but getting to your point about Bonnie she is becoming addicted to practicing magicks and I can see that in long line of that she'll one day the powers will become her. I love your eyes that you see what you see about Damon/Elena. I really love that. It's so imperfect for them but it's tragic and tragic love is the best love...and he was selfless in all his acts and your right about Stefan! I felt so bad for Damon when he went to save Elena...she wanted to be selish too at that moment but I'm glad that we got a 'thank you' & 'your welcome' from them. <3 Plus that sweet moment before he made her forget. Which I know she wanted that but it was amazing episode. :D can't wait till next weeks!
Arabian: Jeremy & Bonnie01arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
what do you think about Bonnie & Jeremy? As a couple?

As of this episode, I was meh about them, but after the following episode -- because I am so late in responding -- I find them kinda adorable. Go back to the second floor, Luka!

Damon and Elena are the true epic couple of this show. Period.
vamplover85vamplover85 on November 13th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
Oh I think they would be adorable and yes D/E are a masterpiece in this show! They are just perfect! I wonder what's going to happen with them in this next episode. I'm excited! :)
redbrunja: tvd | witchredbrunja on November 7th, 2010 06:21 am (UTC)
I'm thinking/wondering if Bonnie going bye-bye will be that first obvious, thus non-obvious, shocker. We'll see.

If Bonnie, the one non-white who is also the only main character who isn't all 'vampires, yay!' I am going to be SO pissed.
Arabian: Jeremy & Bonnie01arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:39 pm (UTC)
I don't think in terms of that because for me it's character, character, character first, but I know that it does matter. For that, and reasons articulated by zombieboogie response to the following episode's post, I hope that you are right. (Mainly, that along with being the only POC, she's also part of the group already and just sliding in another witch could mess up the dynamic). Not to mention that I'm back to full-on loving Bonnie and I refuse to let the show kill her. (Cuz I apparently think I have that power, lol!)

Though, to be fair, I have a feeling that once he finds out about the vampires, Tyler won't be 'vampires, yay!' and if Matt were to ever find out, he'd be majorly down with them. Jenna? Once she recovered, she'd probably be 'vampires, hell, yeah!'

ETA: Cuz I totally got you messed up with another user cuz I'm lame like that. Ooh, I'm Rose! LOL!

Edited at 2010-11-13 07:41 pm (UTC)
redbrunja: tvd | fallredbrunja on November 24th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Late Reply Is Late
(Mainly, that along with being the only POC, she's also part of the group already and just sliding in another witch could mess up the dynamic).

I really enjoyed reading zombieboogie's thoughts and quite agree; Bonnie fills both the role of witch and the role of friendly opposition, and it would be really awkward to try and shove another character into those roles.

I think you're right about Tyler not being happy to learn about vampires, and I think that will lead to some really interesting conflict/plot with Caroline.
tams71tams71 on November 10th, 2010 07:37 am (UTC)
Oh how I love your epic TVD recaps :) I just need to get my ass to the party earlier than the almost or close to the end of the following week. Damn school! So since you broke it down into characters and pairings, I’m going to do the same.

Bonnie & Jeremy:
I have to hand it to the TVD writers and Kat Graham. These last two episodes have shown Bonnie in a new light. Her willingness to help Damon and Stefan even though she blames them for what happened to Grams and her acceptance (albeit hesitant at first) of Caroline as a vampire have shown me that she can finally put aside her anger and resentment to do what is right. As for Bonnie and Jeremy, I’m still on the fence. I just don’t see them as a plausible couple.

Caroline & Tyler:
You are so right about Caroline keeping a secret. That girl does not have a censor button on her mouth. I have to say I’m still vibing on Caroline/Tyler. Yes he was an ass to her. Yes he got physical. Let’s not forget that Caroline is a vamp now and totally schooled him on his bullying behavior. While I simply adore Caroline/Matt, I cannot deny that the Caroline of today and the Tyler of today have great chemistry and with both of them being new to the supernatural lifestyle, I see major bonding coming our way.

I get it. Stefan loves Elena. Stefan wants to keep Elena safe. Stefan will lay down his life for Elena and like you said, will deny himself if need be. All of that is noble, but there are points in time when he is selfish with Elena’s love, selfish with Elena’s life, and selfish with his brother, the other most important person in his undead life. What really soured me on Stefan in the episode was his “apology” to Damon for turning him back in 1864. Like you said I felt that he only apologized to Damon because he had bested him yet again and was the one the girl they both loved ran to after the big rescue. To me it felt like some lame consolation prize because once again, Stefan came out the winner while Damon was on the sidelines yet again.

By far the best part of the episode was that Damon/Elena scene. There he was, heart in his hand, professing his love, admitting that he had been selfish with Elena in the past and that he couldn’t do it anymore. 100 and some odd years as a vampire and he sees and feels what true love really is and he chooses to step aside and let his brother be with the love of his life. That my friends is true selflessness and is so far out of the realm of what Stefan tries to do it’s not funny. What a truly defining moment for Damon. And that lone tear, OMG, it killed me. I think Damon will try to move on, but loving someone other than Elena is not in the cards. I think he’ll drink, have lots of sex, and have a good ole time, but Elena will always be in his heart. I know that some people are debating whether or not Elena was really compelled and I believe that she was, BUT I also think that at some point in time Elena will piece together what happened in that room and remember on her own terms and in her own time.

Elijah was pretty freaking scary. When he smelled Elena I actually got chills. I think the stuff coming up with the originals and the introduction of Klaus is going to be phenomenal.

Rose? Eh, didn’t really care for her and not really interested in seeing her in future episodes. I did however like the backhand she gave to Elena. Maybe now the girl will take the hint and learn to pick her battles. Like you I didn’t think that Rose warranted an episode title. The episode wasn’t about her, it was about the hell that is about to be unleashed.

Your last two Damon/Elena endgame centric paragraphs were spot on girl! Their journey will be long, difficult, and cluttered with doppelganger madness, confessions, longing looks, epic verbal battles, and plenty of mistakes, but they will be endgame. If that’s not what TPTB have planned then why lay the groundwork for something as epic as Damon/Elena and not done the same for Stefan/Elena?

This show will be the death of me.
Arabian: Damon & Elena05arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
Oh how I love your epic TVD recaps :) I just need to get my ass to the party earlier than the almost or close to the end of the following week.

Hah, I'm just responding to the rest of these comments now ... two days after the NEXT episode aired. Admittedly, it has been a hellacious week.

My Bonnie love is back in full-gear, and after the ep after this one, yup, I'm all on team Jeremy/Bonnie. Woohoo! They are adorable.

I know a lot see Caroline/Tyler chemistry, but I don't. Of course, I could be blinded by my Caroline/Stefan love......

By far the best part of the episode was that Damon/Elena scene. There he was, heart in his hand, professing his love, admitting that he had been selfish with Elena in the past and that he couldn’t do it anymore. 100 and some odd years as a vampire and he sees and feels what true love really is and he chooses to step aside

Sigh, I know. (However, I did cut off the rest of your sentence because I refuse to see Stefan's somewhat selfish version of love -- telling Caroline he can't break it off with her even though he knows it's dangerous -- as any sort of 'love of your life.' They're two teenagers experiencing OOH!AAH! teenager twu wuv. Very different. I don't doubt the feelings are there and real, but in the test of time, I don't think they'd last, no way.)

Elijah is awesome. Rose is ... erm, not. At all.

I did however like the backhand she gave to Elena. Maybe now the girl will take the hint and learn to pick her battles. Like you I didn’t think that Rose warranted an episode title. The episode wasn’t about her, it was about the hell that is about to be unleashed.

Yuppers, all-around.

Your last two Damon/Elena endgame centric paragraphs were spot on girl!

Thank you muchly.

Their journey will be long, difficult, and cluttered with doppelganger madness, confessions, longing looks, epic verbal battles, and plenty of mistakes, but they will be endgame. If that’s not what TPTB have planned then why lay the groundwork for something as epic as Damon/Elena and not done the same for Stefan/Elena?

YUPPERS! Damon/Elena endgame... Stefan/Elena, just one of their (biggest probably) obstacles.

This show will be the death of me.

Ah, but best damn tv-show-related death EVA!
obstinate, headstrong girl!: TV » TVD » Damonzombie_boogie on November 10th, 2010 07:28 pm (UTC)
Great recap! I've blabbed about this episode all over the place but suffice it to say DAMON DESERVES ALL OF THE HUGS. IAN'S FAAAAAACE. THE END. The pacing of the episode did seem a little off at first; there was a lot of set-up and the actual rescue of Elena was kind of anti-climatic action-wise, but the character moments were so great.
Arabian: Damon07arabian on November 13th, 2010 07:42 pm (UTC)
crowandfogcrowandfog on November 30th, 2010 05:22 am (UTC)
Late to the party since I only found your journal yesterday, but wow, your review is amazing! I loved reading what you had to say about Stefan and Damon and Elena, and I agree with you 100%!

I have been annoyed with Stefan all this season because he has constantly been pressuring Damon to acknowledge his feelings even though it will do no good for anyone. Everyone already assumes that Damon is in love with Elena, and Elena has already rejected Damon, both privately and publicly. There is no reason for Stefan to work so hard to make Damon tell him that Damon's in love with her. NO REASON. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out Stefan's reasoning here. What's he going to say if Damon admits it? "See, Damon, don't you feel better now that you've told the boyfriend of the girl you're in love with--who also happens to be your little brother, a.k.a your father's favorite son and the guy that your ex-girlfriend (who you died trying to protect and pined over for 145 years) is in love with--that you love the girl who recently told you that you've lost her friendship forever and is now avoiding you like a nasty plague?" Like you said, Stefan, is repeatedly reminding Damon that Damon is unloved and alone.

Stefan just DOES NOT understand Damon, and, in my opinion, THAT is his greatest flaw. How do you spend 162 years with someone, who you supposedly love more than anyone else, and not figure out their insecurities and what increases those insecurities? Stefan telling Damon that he just needed his brother is so unknowingly cruel because from Damon's POV, his baby brother is at the root of almost every insecurity and problem that Damon has.

I think the most frustrating thing about that whole scene is how Stefan really ISN'T being cruel on purpose, and Damon knows that. So Damon doesn't even get to be MAD about it. I think if Stefan was intentionally a jerk, it would be a lot easier for Damon to deal with because Damon would have a legitimate reason for hating Stefan. Instead, all of Damon's reasons for resenting Stefan are hidden in Damon's heart, where no one else can see them and no one else can tell him that it's okay for him to be upset.

Actually, I think the first time that Damon ever really saw Elena as her own person was in the kitchen in "Friday Night Lights" when she offers her condolences and acknowledges that Damon lost Katherine too. I wonder if that's the first time that anyone has ever tried to comfort Damon and tell him that he has a right to feel whatever he's feeling. She didn't try to make him admit that he missed Katherine or that he was jealous of Stefan; she just let him know that his emotions were okay, that they were valid.

Just another reason they're my OTP.

I've written way more than I intended here, so I'll close with this quote from your post,

Man! Elena never hears Damon's awesome, epic, selfless speeches, LOL! We got Katherine pretending to be Elena, and now Damon compelling the memory away. :Sniffsniff:

and say, once again, you are so right, but don't forget Damon trying to comfort Jeremy after Anna died! That was awesome, epic, and selfless, too!
Sajen FreybergSajen Freyberg on May 12th, 2017 11:44 pm (UTC)
See I've watched that stair scene hundreds of times and I'm positive that Elena was going to Damon and Stefan just stepped into the way.

Elena's bravery and in your face ness to strong could kill you in a second villains is why I like Elena and what keeps her from being a damsel-in-distress to me.

I don's know what you see in Stefan or how you or anyone could like let alone love Stefan. He's a cold, emotionless, selfish, stupid, emotionally abusive ass with zero redeeming characteristics. And frankly I think you're wrong I think Stefan was intentionally trying to hurt Damon with his selfishness in this episode.
Arabian: Stefan04arabian on May 14th, 2017 04:29 pm (UTC)
It would be nice to think so but based on everything that makes sense, camera angles, the acting, writing before and after, direction, narrative before and after, it's pretty clear that Elena was going to Stefan.

Elena's bravery and in your face ness to strong could kill you in a second villains is why I like Elena and what keeps her from being a damsel-in-distress to me.


Stefan's not cold. He cares too much sometimes. He is selfish, but it's hard for him not to be when that's what he's been taught he's whole life, his parents, his brother, the whole damn town, Katherine, Lexi, Klaus, Rebekah, Elena, etc. all basically put him first... the fact that he's not a raging narcissistic ass who thinks only of himself and never tries to help anyone or do anything good is remarkable. He's not stupid, he is smart (just not as smart as Damon who is remarkably clever and resourceful). He's not emotionally abusive, he is a vampire, a predator whose worse instincts have been honed over a century. Just like Damon's worst instincts have been honed over a century. That is what happens when you're a vampire.