Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I miss my 'Community'

Sigh, last night's episode of Community finally pushed me to share my (unpopular) opinion on the show. This is not the show I love anymore, and hasn't been for awhile. The show from the first half of the season that was about this crazy, low-rent community college where this group of strangers wound up sharing a study group and formed a bond. Sure some zany things happened, but they were mostly within the realm of the study group, the college, the school, and, erm, reality. But since the paintball episode (which I thought was way too over-the-top), followed by the Goodfellas episode (again, too OTT) and the plethora of "theme" episodes we've already had this season (all OTT), I'm over it.

I LOVED the original vision of Community. I laughed myself silly and just loved it. The warm glow, the love ever present and growing between this group, the romantic toning down of Jeff and Britta -- the one element that never worked for me. I just loved it. Now? It's an inventive show, it's creative, but I don't laugh much beyond a few chuckles here or there, and I certainly don't feel the love or the warmth except in all too brief moments. It's mostly all about gimmicks and crazy, crazy zaniness. *sigh* I want my show back. This is not my show; and I don't think it will ever be again because I'm clearly in the minority. The paintball ep is considered a masterpiece, and I've read nothing but raves about last night's episode, and plenty of love for the space episode too. Ah well.
Tags: community, tv

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