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I know, I know, I usually don't write about Glee, but I wanted to write about this episode. Why?

Because it was easily THE best episode they've had in ages. I'm not a Gleek, a Glee lover, etc. I watch the show for three reasons (1) Dianna Agron (2) the songs (3) Jane Lynch. I generally have a buttload of issues with every episode and just find myself confused at the worship of the show. And then an episode like this comes along and I totally, totally get the love. Pretty much every moment was spot-on perfection.

Some specifics ...

- Quinn not only had more than two lines, she had an actual storyline! And, as always, Dianna was lovely. I adored her duet with Sam; their voices sounded beautiful together. And her facial reaction to the Finn/Rachel "Born Again" duet was sheer perfection. Love her.

- Speaking of, oh man, that "Born Again" duet in priest/nun outfit was hilariously, terribly offensive. I can't recall the last time I laughed this hard during a scene on Glee.

- I'm not Brittany's biggest fan, but they did a marvelous job with her character in this one, not too much (ala the insanely stupid Britney episode), but just enough to give us some of those one-liners, and some great heart too.

- I like that Kurt was essentially called out for the fact that he did/was harassing Finn last season. Even if Finn handled it terribly, Kurt did push him way too often, way too much.

- That final duet between Rachel and Kurt was BEAUTIFUL, absolutely glorious. (And, boy, was Lea Michele channeling Barbra like never before or what?)

The only things I didn't like were minor. The odd lyrical changes in "River Deep, Mountain High" and the fact that nothing, not even Chris Colfer -- who is wonderful -- can even remotely compare to the glory of Julie Andrews' "Le Jazz Hot."


Still, this episode was so great that I didn't even realize that Sue wasn't in the episode until the preview for next week! Yeah. That good!
Tags: dianna agron, glee, tv

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