Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Finally watched 'Fringe'

And my quick thoughts behind the cut.

Oh. My. I'm still melting from that Peter/Olivia scene. Oh my goodness!! Phew! That was hotter and sweeter and more awesome than every single Peter/FauxOlivia scene from last week no questions asked. Chemistry is chemistry, but the story and character dynamic adds so much more to a couple as well. For example, over on The Vampire Diaries, it's why I so prefer Damon and Elena over Damon and Katherine (although, the latter are still insanely hot due to the WOWSERS!Ian/Nina chemistry), and Stefan/Katherine over Stefan/Elena. The story and character dynamic adds so much to the existing chemistry. And that is so very evident on Fringe. I am not moved to squee or sighs or OHMYGOD! during the Peter/FauxOlivia scenes because it's not real -- that's not *his* Olivia. She doesn't belong with him. And this episode, that one final scene at the end just completely swept me away. So ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Ahem. Okay, the rest of the episode was really good as well. I love how their mysteries of the week can (and often are) filled with so much emotion and strong characterization, all the while building the relationship and story of the main characters and over-reaching plots. There are no throw-away characters on this show, and I love that. I love everything about this show. So much.
Tags: damon/elena, fringe, the vampire diaries, tv

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