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2.05 - 'Kill or Be Killed' (The Vampire Diaries)

So dead-tired, going to bed, so this actually will be short.

- Caroline wins as MVP of the show tonight. She was awesome. Honest, vulnerable, snarky here and there and utterly kick-ass. Go Caroline! Candice Accola is so bringing it.

- Damon, thank GOD!, was NOT pathetic in this episode. About damn time, show. I LOVE that he clearly isn't buying the whole "fight" thing between Stefan and Elena. Plus, Ian did a MARVELOUS spit-take (after the oh-so-adorable, "thank you, sweetie!"). And he had some great lines throughout the episode. Again, thank goodness!

- Speaking of Damon ... I adore that they didn't play fast and loose with Damon and Liz's relationship. She *was* genuinely shaken and hurt by the notion of him being a vampire, and the fact that she couldn't accept it, wanted to kill him, etc. was leavened considerably by the fact that she couldn't even accept it in her daughter. On the flip side, Damon never backed down from the belief that he and Liz were friends. Awwww. I think my favorite part was when he sincerely asked Caroline why she was being such a bitch to her mom because he thought that's why Liz was so shaken. (And once he compels her, yay!, we can get that relationship back. Woohoo! Okay, even if it's built on a huge lie, the emotion is real, damnit! And this episode proved that.)

- So when Damon knelt in front of Liz, I couldn't help but think: Damn, Ian Somerhalder really has chemistry with EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. ON. THE. PLANET. For reals!

- God, Elena is so stupid. Yes, it's in character, but GOD! First of all, it's not just her, it's Stefan too. They're in her house where not one, not two, but THREE vampires have been invited in and they're being all lovey-dovey, discussing their "deception." :rolls eyes: And then her first not happy with him wanting to drink people blood. Hello, Elena! Wake up and take a reality pill, please. Katherine can and will kill you all! Geez. I love her, but the Stefan-parts of this episode did her no favors. Of course, sigh, I just am so bored and eyes-rolled by Stefan and Elena at this point. The rest of the show is smart and funny and works so well, and those two are basically the Twilight faction of the show. They are such teenagers together. With Elena, Stefan completely loses his cool. With Stefan, Elena pretty much loses the functioning of her brain cells. Ugh.

- So, Mason is so not totally a good guy. He threatened to kill Elena! GEEZ!! (Go Caroline!)

- Jeremy!! I've missed you.

- Yay, no Bonnie! I haven't missed you. Ugh, preview Bonnie. Darn. It was nice while it lasted.


- So I was NOT expecting the Mason/Katherine connection. Nice twist there.

- HOYAY! for all the Tyler/Jeremy scenes.

- Hmm, what's up with this Aimee character? Three episodes out of five already. I wonder what will happen with her....

- Boo! Hiss! No good Stefan/Caroline ... AGAIN! Grrr.

- I did like the one Damon/Elena moment, but it didn't quite gel. I mean, when Damon took the arrow for her, that was the Damon who was her friend. When Damon was honest and upfront with her at the car and on the porch, that was the Damon who was her friend. Eh, she's just softening and looking for excuses now. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. ;)

- So Elena fed Stefan her blood. I admit, I was a bit disappointed because they do bore me silly and I kinda want to see the beginning of the end continue to grow stronger. It's seemed that way since the premiere, but this one appeared to put them back on stronger footing. However, sarcasticcheese pointed out, on a show like this, things that start out good (ie, the blood-sharing scene being one of their more emotionally-charged scenes ever) tend to go South pretty durn quickly. :shrugs: We'll see.

Ooh, just remembered, Elena said she and Stefan are "always" again. That's so TV-speak for "the end is nigh" (unless it's the end of the series). So I'll cling to that for a bit then. :)

- Speaking of Stefan on human blood, I will be disappointed in the show if he has no side effects. He started out with a small dose last time, and it just overtook him. Why, how would this be different? If there's no real struggle, it will feel like the show is ignoring their own storytelling and I expect SOOOO much better from The Vampire Diaries.

Overall, despite my blah to Stefan and Elena, this was easily the best episode since the premiere in my opinion.

I lied; it's not short, but definitely shorter than my usual long-winded TVD posts, right?
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