Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TV Round-up (plus the new shows I'm enjoying) ...

I haven't watched all of the new shows I was planning on checking out, but here are my thoughts on a few ...

So I finally sat down and watched the first two episodes that have aired of The Event and ooh, I really like it. It feels like watching an epic movie. And I'm so very intrigued. I already like a lot of the characters and there's no one I don't like at this point. Jason Ritter, Laura Innes, Blair Underwood, Ian Anthony Dale and Željko Ivanek are all doing outstanding jobs so far. I'm very, very looking forward to future episodes.

I don't care if Raising Hope is crude and disgusting at times, it's freakin' hilarious. I love it! Period. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are reason enough to watch it, but the premise, the situations, the dialogue have me cracking up so very hard.

Better Than You isn't great, but I love Jennifer Finnigan (I met her once, and she was an absolute doll), and I've watched everything she's done, so might as well keep it going. And she and her onscreen partner are fabulous. Plus, the last episode had a moment (when Ben went down on all fours to begin the wrestling match and Casey just stared at him like 'wha-huh?!?!?'), I was laughing so hard, that sound wasn't coming out of my mouth. I could barely breathe, it was one of THE funniest things I've ever seen. So, it definitely has potential.

Gail Simmons is doing a great job on Just Desserts (already easily better than Padma), and this has been a great take off of Top Chef. I'm quite enjoying it. I like Erica, Yigit, and Malika. Seth? Oy vey, no words.

And that's it of the new stuff. Of past shows, I'm still loving The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, Fringe, The Good Wife, Chuck. Survivor is AWESOME this season and we're only three episodes in! How I Met Your Mother is better already in the first two episodes than it was most of last season, and if Community isn't as wonderful as the first half of season one for me, it's still pretty hilarious, and I'm loving Alison Brie, Danny Pudi and Donald Glover so much -- Annie, Abed and Troy are definitely my three favorite characters. 30 Rock, Cougar Town and The Office are still great, goofy fun to watch, and I'm enjoying Dancing with the Stars (loving Kyle Massey (I loved That's So Raven once upon a time), Jennifer Grey ("Nobody puts Baby in a corner.") and Margaret Cho, Florence Hendrson and Kurt Warner.
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