Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SqueePic!! Jason, Kristen, Enrico, OH MY!

I was looking through some fanart on vm_graphics and saw this post. I didn't recognize the picture of Jason, Kristen and Enrico -- which I would have had I seen it before because hello, LOOK AT JASON AND KRISTEN!! and two, it's Jason, Kristen AND Enrico! So I asked in the thread and someone kindly imed me (it was also put up in the thread) and sent me the picture. It isn't hers, but she saved it on her computer and sent it to me.


Ah, I heart Enrico! He makes me smile.

ETA: Naty just informed me it is from here and the caption under the pic reads: Kristen Bell (and fellow Veronica Mars cast members Enrico Colantoni, left, and Jason Dohring) with SELF entertainment director Michele Shapiro at the CW network's "upfront," where the new fall lineup is announced.

Anyhoo, enjoy.
Tags: jason dohring, kristen bell, photos, veronica mars

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