Arabian (arabian) wrote,

My Potential Fall TV Schedule

I say potential because with my new job, I so do not have nearly as much time and so I'm giving shows a very short time to win me over or keep me. Obviously, the season already started, but I'll include those shows (including the ones that I already dropped from my schedule.) And before I start, can I just say thank God for 4-programs-at-a-time taping options. ;)

* Indicates a new show.


- Dexter
- The Amazing Race
- * Boardwalk Empire - I'll probably wait until the season's done and watch it together over the course of a a few weeks.
- * The Walking Dead - It's gotten good reviews.


- Dancing with the Stars - If I'm not grabbed quickly by a star, I may junk this one this year.
- How I Met Your Mother - Damn you, Jennifer Morrison! I was all prepared to drop this, but I have to watch it for her. And, maybe, just maybe, Carter/Bays meant what they said and the show will be good again.
- Chuck
- * The Event - I've heard so-so things about this, but I love Jason Ritter, so I'm trying it.
- * Lone Star - I actually HATE the premise, but I've heard nothing but OHMYGOD!raves about it, so...
- Castle

- * No Ordinary Family - I love Julie Benz, so I'll give it a shot.
- * Raising Hope - Great reviews, FANTASTIC cast, I'm so there.
- Glee
- * Running Wilde - I'm watching this solely for the leads (Will Arnett, Keri Russell); we'll see.
- Life Unexpected - And five minutes in, I was reminded of why I was considering dropping it last season. Gone.
- V
- The Good Wife


- Cougar Town
- Lie To Me
- * Better With You - I'm watching this one for Jennifer Finnigan alone (I met her once, gorgeous and a sweetheart)
- Survivor
- * Undercovers - I may give up on this one quickly, but I generally do like JJAbrams shows, so ...
- * L&O - LA - I'm still pissed about L&O being canceled, but I do love the format so ...
- * Defenders - Giving it a try.


- The Big Bang Theory - Squee!
- Community - Is it sad that I'm absolutely prepared to be disappointed? *sigh*
- The Office
- 30 Rock
- Fringe - Still NOT happy that I'm not getting Joshua Jackson every other episode. Grrr!
- Nikita - I liked the Pilot, but was bored by the 2nd episode, so bye-bye.
- The Mentalist

Yup, I tend to say that I have n life, just TV. :)
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