Arabian (arabian) wrote,

JD/RH Interview at Neptune Site

Check it out. Check it out. Interviews with Jason and Ryan at Neptune Site.

  • Jason Dohring -- Logan's Back Four dudes! and uhm, more than a few naughty words, but only one F. I agreed with the overall comment about S1 vs. S2, but not with the episode he chose to highlight as being "Oh my God, man!" Ah well, different strokes for different folks. And of course, I always love what he has to say about Logan and Veronica.

    Ah Jason, I love you even though you're such a big goober!

  • Ryan Hansen -- What A Dick! Aww, I love what he said about KG.

    Ooh, I so gotta make a Logan/Dick icon!
  • Tags: jason dohring, press, promotion

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