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Kevin Wiliamson quote about Damon/Elena

I so love when I'm right about the intentions of showrunners. YES!!!

In an interview with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, Kevin said this about Damon/Elena --

PW: What plotline are you excited to see play out this season?

Kevin: The premiere for me was our underhanded way of saying that this is the year we have to deal head on with the relationship between Damon and Elena.

PW: As the people who basically live in these character's minds, I'm curious what your feelings are on the validity of Elena's hatred for Damon. I doubt it. Do you?

Kevin: I think he has such a long road to haul before he can ever be a viable option in her eyes. He’s done so many horrible things – his attack on Jeremy being the worst. I don’t know how you ever get over such a deliberately evil move. It’s going to take a long time for her to get over that. But as Katherine said, hate is the beginning of most love stories. It was no surprise that we ended the episode with Elena saying “I hate him.”

PW: I loved that line.

Kevin: Think about it, it’s romantic comedy 101 – they have to hate each other first, and that will eventually turn itself inside out. But whether or not it’s this season or next season, we’ll have to wait and see.

HUZZAH!! This is what I wrote the night of the premiere:

And with that scene, I became convinced that as of now, Damon and Elena are endgame. They have the tortured love story now; they have the will they/won't they, they have the journey to make, they have the story that is designed to have people keep coming back for more. She and Stefan are sweet, but just can't compare to the depth of passion and possibility that Damon and Elena have. Two specific moments in that final scene is what convinced me. The first was when Elena said, "it will always be Stefan." In film, books, television, unless that's the last scene of said film, book, tv show it always means just the opposite. That's just writing 101. As is her hating someone that she does care about. Also, think of the way she said that she hated him. It wasn't said with coldness or bitterness, but with heat and passionate anger. That's key right there. Plus, that whole moment with her talking about him was paired with Damon's anguish at the boarding house. It will be a bumpy road, but they are so clearly IT.

Still, in this moment, I'm so on her side. As much as I love Damon, if she hadn't hated him, I'd be crying foul. I just can't imagine what can possibly happen that will get them back to some level of co-existence, cuz how can she not want to stake his ass from here on out now, LOL!? But I have complete faith that this show will pull it off.

* My sister pointed something that I missed because I just so associate that line with Katherine and Stefan, but can we say ... FORESHADOWING?! "You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story ... not the end." HELLO!!!! Ooh, baby!

* Okay, my sister got that one, but as soon as she said it, I was like YES!!!

And once more for the road: YES!!!!
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