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'The Closer' Thoughts

I just watched last night's episode of The Closer and realized I've barely written about it in ages, other than a brief mention in an overall summer TV viewing post recently. The excellence of the episode, as well as Kyra Sedgwick's Emmy win on Sunday had me itching to write more in-depth about the show (and I made a new icon for the post -- which I love &hearts), so here it be.

First I will say that I adore Connie Britton. Had she won, I would have cheered my head off. She's brilliant, wonderful, remarkable, you name any superlative, and it pretty much fits her and her performance on Friday Night Lights. As well, the front-runner and expected winner, Julianna Margulies, has been magnificent on The Good Wife. Had either of these two won, in my opinion, it would have been a just win. However, Sedgwick's been playing this role for seven years with five nominations for it under her belt. Because of that longevity and because of how damn awesome she is, I am THRILLED that she won. She has helped to create such a fun, unique, charming, disarming, smart, sassy, flawed, wonderful character and has acted her freaking ass off for the last seven years. She deserved a win. As much as I love Britton, and as great as Margulies is, I simply can not say that either deserved it more than Kyra Sedgwick. Yay, yay, yay for her.

And as many a critical blog has said, last night's episode was one of the many examples as to why she deserved it. She conveys so much, creates so much with just a look, a few words. "War Zone" was a blistering example of how very flawed, and human, and moral and yet wrong that Brenda can be. I was just as sickened as she was by what Terrell did, and while I wasn't cheering her actions at the end -- which essentially was setting up his brutal execution -- I could understand them. And yet I did feel like Gabriel, somewhat appalled at what Brenda was doing. But that's Brenda, and I understood. And I love that this show doesn't shy away from such things. She sees so much darkness, and every once in a while that darkness seeps out from her and it's chilling to behold.

Overall, this has been an incredibly strong season. Last season had a few bumps, and the season before was easily its worse -- while still very good. But the consistent quality over seven seasons has been remarkable, and why it's the only summer non-reality show that I've never considered taking off of my viewing schedule. And this season? Whoah! I've been moved, shaken, blown away by more episodes than since the first couple of seasons. As long as the show can maintain even a modicum of this high-level of quality, I don't see why it can't continue to hum along for quite a few more seasons yet. And I will definitely be along for the ride.
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