Arabian (arabian) wrote,

VM Spoilers -- Why I'm So Bummed

I'm trying to articulate why I seem such a bitter hardass about the casting spoiler and the clear hints regarding storyline that we're getting.

I wouldn't like it, but I honestly wouldn't be so upset about a love interest for Veronica, for Logan, Logan/Veronica breaking up constantly and all of the spoilers that are indicating clearly that that is exactly what's going to happen were it not for the fact that both Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have made it abundantly clear that neither one of them actually wants Logan and Veronica together.

Both clearly consider Logan a bad guy, a screw-up and Bell has made it crystal-clear that Logan is a terrible boyfriend for Veronica in her opinion and that she deserves someone so much better. Meanwhile Rob has made it clear that Logan will never change or learn, he'll just continue to be a spoiled, poor little rich boy who doesn't give a crap and scews up his life. We may have gotten the "epic" speech from Logan, but I don't believe for one second that Thomas actually believes that Logan and Veronica are epic and I damn well know that Bell doesn't believe it (based on EVERY quote and comment she's made about the Logan/Veronica relationship and the Logan character).

Therefore it's hard to go with the flow and the up and down, down, down and more down of the Logan/Veronica relationship when the showrunner seems to be unwillingly (and barely) featuring it because he's being forced to by their overwhelming (and completely unplanned popularity) and the star of the show so very much wants her character paired with practically anyone BUT Logan.

It's just sad because it doesn't matter if the higher-ups force it, it doesn't matter if fan outcry forces it, it will never be given the true loving attention to character, to story, to making it shine from the showrunner and star because neither one believes that it should even be happening. And that's just depressing. To be so behind the popular couple that almost everyone wants and still be on the losing end because the two people who have the most say in what happens with that couple don't want them to be a couple.
Tags: logan/veronica, rant, veronica mars

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