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The Vampire Diaries S2 Promo with Actual S2 Clips!!!

So, we finally got a promo for The Vampire Diaries that features new season two footage -- but, of course, still manages to throw in the Damon/"Elena" kiss that the CW manages to *always* sneak in previews/promos now, LOL! -- and I haz some thoughts!

- Katherine is bad-ass. Period.

- flawlessfrenzie commented that what's so awesome about getting some Damon/Katherine sexytimes action is that, even as Damon/Elena fans, we still get to enjoy the uber-hot Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev burning sexual chemistry, while still getting the slow burn and build-up of the Damon/Elena love story. To which I say: Yeah, baby!

- And see what I mean? Red-bleeping-HAWT!

- Oh, Damon, I love you so, but you. are. such. an. ASS! Seriously? A few hours before Damon kissed "Elena," Stefan had literally -- actual definition of the word -- LITERALLY: in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually -- risked his own life to save Damon's and here Damon is being all smug and jerky about macking on Stefan's girl a day later! Dude, Damon? (Non) Literal definition of a dick: Damon Salvatore. Yet, I love him so regardless. And, hee ... Stefan's facial reaction to the news is HI-larious.

- Speaking of Stefan ... that brings me to my third favorite part of the promo: STEFAN AND KATHERINE! Those who've been reading my posts and what-not are aware that I sorta ship the pair and have since "Blood Brothers." The little bit we saw of them in the clip that leaked from Comic-Con and now the scene where Katherine asks him if he wants to play have moved me from sorta to really, really close. They are just awesome together. And just in Stefan's reaction to her question, I'm loving how he is with Katherine. The thing is that I've always thought that Nina/Paul had chemistry, but I've also always described it as "muted." And it is, because of the characters. Stefan and Elena just don't "spark" together. On the other hand, with the chemistry that Nina and Paul do have (not that it compares to the uber-burning, raging heat of the OMYGOD!CHEMISTRY! that Nina and Ian have -- see above), the yin/yang, dark/light of Stefan and Katherine's personality DO spark. Much like Damon and Elena. The difference (as far as we know about Katherine) is that at the core, Damon and Elena have many similar traits, but the sparks of the character difference/interaction is comparable.

- My second favorite part (the first, of course, being, the uber-hot Nina/Ian Damon/Katherine make-out) was Damon's "we've got a craaaazy ex on the loose." The delivery was just perfection and that's the one line I glommed onto the first time I watched the preview, and the one that continues to stick out in its awesomeness. Ian Somerhalder, I looooovvveeee yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

- Nina Dobrev is fucking gorgeous ... as Elena and Katherine, and I love that even without the curly hair (and note that Katherine's wearing skin-tight pants, while Elena is wearing regular, comfy jeans -- awesome little wardrobe bit there), you can detect the differences in the characters. Go Nina!

- I really, really hope that Stefan's line, "I'm not gonna let Katherine come in here and destroy you!" is to Damon because as much as they hate each other, I love, love, love when we get those moments where we see how much the brothers do love one another. Alas, the line is probably being spoken to Elena. Which is understandable, and considering Damon was such the dick (in looks like the same scene: "I kissed Elena!" he says gleefully inyourface!) earlier, I'm leaning even more towards it being Elena. Still, I'd love for it to be Damon. And I don't think it's completely outside the realm of possibility because of the line we see later of Stefan telling Damon, "she'll try to break us; our own response to that will define us." So, hope springs eternal.

- Ah, Nina, I see the lacy black bra that Kevin Williamson spoke of ... hmm, so *this* was the scene that Nina was waiting all last season to do? Okay, then. (Can't say that I blame her much, LOL! Ie, Ian = UNF!!!)

- I know that some took Elena's line ("Damon's not stable when it comes to her") as showing concern for Damon, but I honestly just read it as Elena stating a fact. See? I can take my shipper goggles off on occasion. :D

- "Year of the Kat?" Seriously, CW? I mean ... really?

Long story short? In one word: AWESOME! In a few more: IS IT SEPTEMBER 9th YET?!?!?!??!

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