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Summer TV viewing

I just thought I'd do a quick post on my summer viewing. Just, you know, because ... So I started out watching Leverage, Hawthorne, True Blood, The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, White Collar, Covert Affairs, So You Think You Can Dance, Burn Notice and Rubicon. Some I'm still watching, some I'm taking a break on, some I gave up on, some are over, some I haven't gotten into yet. Which is which?

So So You Think You Can Dance is over. My favorite was Kent, with Lauren my second favorite. I loathed Robert intensely -- easily my least favorite male dancer in the history of SYTYCD, so it was sucky seeing him in the finale, but at least he came in third. I would have been happiest with Kent winning, but I did love Lauren, so I was cool with her winning. I have to say though my favorite thing about this season was that my beloved Neil actually was the most dancing male all-star! I LOVE HIM SO!

I'm still watching, if not even remotely obsessed, ohmygod into! Leverage and True Blood -- the latter of which annoys me more often than not. I'm technically still watching Burn Notice, but I've been letting episodes build up two at a time and am not terribly excited to watch them. I'm not sure if I'll continue watching if the rest of this season doesn't pick up for me. On the other hand, I'm still enjoying the hell out of The Closer. Kyra Sedgwick continues to be awesome, I love how they keep finding new areas of character-related story to mine, and I never get tired of seeing how the relationships have evolved.

Of the new shows, I started watching Rubicon, but I was just NOT in the mood, so I didn't get very far into it. I still have hope that I will really like it, so I'm not giving up on it. Rizzoli & Isles, I wanted to love because I have a girl crush on Angie Harmon, and Sasha Alexander is fabulous. Alas, the writing for this show is execrable. I just can not. Sorry. Finally, there is Covert Affairs ... I adore Christopher Gorham, so I'd watch it just for him, but I find that I am enjoying the show overall, and yes, I do ship Annie/Auggie.

Which leaves us with White Collar. Not a new show, but it was one that I find myself shocked to recall that I gave up on after the first five episodes. I am so glad that hiddeneloise talked me into watching it again because it is easily my favorite show on right now. I love all of the characters so much. I love, love, love the relationships, and I'm even enjoying the introduction of Hilarie Burton's Sara Ellis as (hopefully) a potential love interest for Neil. All in all, I just love, love, love this show. Oh, and while I find Matt Bomer gorgeous, and adorable, it's Tim DeKay that I have crush on. He's DELECTABLE!

Finally, Hawthorne has been removed from my DVR. It just basically went straight into unrealistic, over-the-top, speeding-train-fast melodrama and stupid relationship stuff from the get-go. I love the actors, but yeah, just no. Ah well, I had such high hopes for it. At least, I still have the shows I am loving!
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