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20 July 2006 @ 10:27 pm
SYTYCD Results  
As soon as I saw how they were doing it, bottom two girls/guys, I knew it would be Natalie in the bottom two. I was pretty sure that it would be Martha going home, but I'm still bummed because I'm pretty sure that Natalie will go home next week. Sigh. I lurve her.

I am surprised about Dimitry. Not upset, just surprised. I am glad that Travis wasn't in the bottom two because he so did not deserve to be there. Ivan should have been, but alas, no. My one hope is that Benji's popularity if nothing else will keep Ivan from getting the winning spot. Because that would just be so wrong.
harper47harper47 on July 21st, 2006 10:14 am (UTC)
Yes - I'm afraid the tweeners are keeping Ivan in when he so does not deserve it. I'm going to download DialIdol for next week. It seems to be a big help as some were saying it was helping them vote hundreds of times because I'm worried that Benji won't get enough votes. I like Travis and he's a marvelous dancer but for me Benji is the whole package.

Yes - I was sad to see Natalie in the bottom two this week since I thought she did a good job in her solo last week. Still - I like all the final 4 women so I'm okay with however that turns out.

I was surprised to see Dimitry go before Ryan. Yes, Ryan has lovely feet and lines but I just don't like him. I loved Dimitry's goofy big lug personality.

But the highlight of the night was that amazing Wade Robson opening number. I adored that - fantastic. Just fantastic! I keep rewatching it over and over. Loved the makeup, costumes, dance steps - les mis meets Thriller concept.