Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I need some cheering up (life sucks, ya know!) so ....

if you have one (more than one) ... post a picture of your pet, share an amusing anecdote! Make the world smile! (Or just me, LOL!) Here are my three babies.

This is Dakota! -- I was sitting around reading when the light suddenly turned off in the kitchen. I looked up and Dakota was sitting in the chair by the kitchen, but nowhere near the light switch. I walked over and checked the switch, and it was off. Hmm, I flicked it back on, and went to sit down and read some more. A few seconds later, light goes off. I look up, and this time Dakota is sitting on the top of the chair, paw on the light switch. The little bugger had been the one turning it off.

This is Doyle and Burl (Doyle's the grey/Burl the orange) -- Amusing anecdote time! I went away for two weeks vacation, and my best friend/roommate took care of my cats for me (I had these two at the time). Burl would get out a lot, but he always came home within three hours. When my BFF picked me up from the airport, she told me that Burl got out the first day, and while she'd seen him show up a time or two, he never came close enough to get him. Did I mention it had been two weeks? Oh, and today was my birthday?! Naturally, I was upset/depressed/etc. you name it. I got home, cried up in my room, and then I heard a meow-ing. I ran downstairs, calling out Burl's name ... and there he was. He calmly walked across the porch and into the house. He'd been waiting for me to come home before returning. Awww.

Hmm, I honestly don't have one specific Doyle anecdote, he just amuses me endlessly. I call him my Gumby cat because if I pick him up, he shapes his body to fit completely against mine.

Crazy cats!
Tags: cats, real life

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