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Okay, just watched streaming of The Vampire Diaries panel at Comic-Con and they showed clips from the season premiere. Alas, the stream cut that part out (grr!), but another site described it, and while I only posted my guesses here and there at different places, I still totally called certain things!

Katherine meeting Bonnie (fight!!),Damon telling Stefan that he and Elena kissed, Katherine telling Damon that she never loved him!! Katherine telling Stefan that she came back for HIM!!!! Stefan rejecting her and getting staked in the stomach!!!!!

ETA: The exact Katherine to Damon quote: The truth is, I never loved you. OUCH! (And called it! I KNEW there was a reason we saw NO reaction from Katherine to Damon's death in "Blood Brothers.")

And another edit: Here's the full Stefan/Katherine part After Katering tells Stefan she came back for him, he says: "The problem, Katherine, is that I hate you." She stabs him in the stomach and tells him "that sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the ending."

Sounds AWESOME!! I'm so going to ship them hard!

And one more: Apparently there's another hot Damon/Katherine make-out scene in there also. SOMEONE HAS GOT TO PUT THIS UP ON YOUTUBE NOW!

And another one: It is a SMUG Damon who tells Stefan he kissed Elena. Oh, Damon.

Oooh! I was even planning on writing out a fic that specifically dealt with Katherine not loving Damon and Katherine coming back for Stefan. See, my outline:

Stefan is at the boarding house, Katherine comes over. Tells him that she loves him, tried to get rid of Elena, yes, blah, blah, so into convo, they don't hear Damon/Elena come in. Stefan asks her why she turned Damon, if she loved him (Stefan). She explains that she's selfish, wanted a play toy and Damon was so much fun to play with. Stefan looks pained, she makes him look at her and says, "but the main reason I did it was for you. I knew how much you loved him, and that you wouldn't want to go through eternity without him. I turned him to make you happy, Stefan."

In the foyer, Damon is rather gutted anew and falls back against the wall, Stefan/Katherine hear it and walk out. Katherine sashays over to Damon. "Oh, don't take it personally. I certainly enjoy you, Damon. I just don't love you. But then, how could I? Even as a human you were so pathetically needy for love. Daddy didn't love you, you were always second-best, always second-choice. And here's history repeating itself all over again. You're so desperately in love with this stupid human girl, and she wants your brother. Tsk, tsk. Really, Damon, you should just get rid of the ring and take a walk out in the sun. No one would miss you." She smiles brightly. "In fact, there might be more than a few parties thrown in your honor!"

Hah! Totally called that part. Now, obviously, there are probably layers and more to it, but I'm still WOOHOOing! cuz those are things that I really wanted to see, and we're gonna see it! YES!!!


Yeah, so Damon telling Stefan didn't sound as smugly bad as I expected, more just Damon's sarcastic, cutting way. That's cool. But, oh man, oh man!! Damon and Katherine were definitely going at it. Damon knew it was Katherine and he was getting it on with her, and then she completely ripped his heart out and stomped it into a million gazillion pieces!!!

Ahhh!!! Not much to say about the Katherine/Stefan part because the viewing was really getting screwy there, but I like! Hopefully (and I'm actually pretty sure it will), a better version will pop up. But I'm sure grateful for this one.

Gah, I know, I know, I ship Damon/Elena like whoah! And I sorta kinda ship Stefan/Katherine, but Ian and Nina still have TO DIE FOR CHEMISTRY so I'm definitely looking forward to the Damon/Katherine make-out.

Now excuse me, I'm going to go and watch it again!!!
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